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Bedford County
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Mary Lee Brady, Ph.D.

Matilda Leftwich, born abt 1840
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Bedford County, Virginia - 1888 Directory

Population in 1880

;White 18,528

Colored 12,677

Total 31,205

County Seat Liberty

Population 2,500

Vote of County November 2nd, 1886

Democrats - 1,817

Labor - 1,454

Value of real estate, 1886


Value of personal property


State tax on real estate


State tax on personal property


County levy


Capitation tax:

white 4,185

colored 2,272

This county was formed in 1753 from Lunenburg, and has an area of 769 1/3 square miles, or 492,359 acres. The average value of land is $6.63 per acre. It lies at the eastern base of the Blue Ridge mountains, which form the natural boundaries between it and the counties of Botetourt and Roanoke on the west. The James river skirts and forms its northern boundary dividing it from Amherst, while the Staunton river shapes and bounds it on the south, separating it from Franklin.

The Richmond and Alleghany railroad, extending along the south branch of the James river in this county, and the Norfolk and Western through its middle part from east to west, furnishes convenient, rapid and cheap transportation to all the principal markets of the North and West.

The county is irrigated by the waters of Goose creek and Otter river, the latter giving name to the celebrated Peaks of Otter, the sublime and magnificent grandeur of which it has inspired the soul of the poet, and moved to noble effort the pencil of the artist. They are the loftiest, with few exceptions, in the Southern States, having an altitude above the level of the sea of over 5,200 feet, or over a mile. They can be distinctly seen on clear days from Lunenburg, in Campbell county, 25 miles distant.

This is one of the richest, most productive and thickly settled counties in the valley of the James, yielding annually large crops of wheat, corn, rye, oats and tobacco. In 1880 it ranked in the production of oats, second, tobacco third; in the number of horses raised, sixth; mules fifth; and fourth as to number of mulch cows, quantity of butter, and value of orchard products. The character of the mountain lands in the western part of the State is most excellent for grazing, and some of the finest specimens of horses, cattle and sheep are raised on them. This count is rich in minerals, iron, barites, mica, slate, lead and limestone being found in large quantities and of superior quality. The timber land is extensive and valuable - the principal kinds being chestnut, walnut, hickory, pine and white oak.

Liberty, the county seat, on the Norfolk and Western railroad, is the important and flourishing centre of a fertile and beautiful country. It has a large number of tobacco manufacturing and other concerns, besides two banking institutions and many mercantile houses of good business standing.


Bellevue, J W Schenk Asst.
Bells, M H Bell
Big Island, A J Trevey
Body Camp, John G Leftwich
Boonsboro, John M Steptoe
Bufordsville, J S Slicer
Bunker Hill, Mrs L J Wells
Carter's Island, D W Hannabass
Charlemont, W R Woodson
Chestnut Fork, John A Wilson
Coleman's Falls, A R Wright
Davis' Mills, Silas C Burroughs
Emaus, J O Cundiff
Fancy Grove
Forest Depot
Good View, C M Thomasson
Hendrick's Store
Holcomb's Rock, S B Tinsley
Horeb, W H Carner
Liberty (C H) W F Fisher
Lone Gum, David White
Loving Creek
Lowry, Edmuna A Lee
Matilda, A J Wheat
Moneta, J A Thaxton
Otter Hill
Peaksville, F C Breazeal
Perrowville, Andrew J Perrow
Reba, J E Wood
Sandy Ford
Sedalia, J T Brown
Smvrna, G W Broughan
Stewartsville, D H Smith
Wade's, W W Pollard


The Circuit Court of the fifth circuit meets at Liberty on the 25th of May and 25th November.

Judge, John D Horsley
Clerk, J M Speece

The County Court meets at Liberty on the fourth Monday in each month. Quarterly terms, 4th Monday February, May, August and November.

Judge, Micajah Davis
Clerk, Robert S Quarles

County Officers

Sheriff, J E Fitzpatrick
Surveyor, J J Garvin
Treasurer, L C Arthur
Commissioners of Revenue, Edward Luck, M T Mattox, Walker McDaniel, Ro L Burks
Commonwealth's Attorney, H C Lowry


Liberty District, O P Bell; Chamblissburg, P M Wright; Staunton, George W Bays; Otter W W Pollard; Bellevue, T S West; Charlemont, R G Turpin; Forest, A W Scott; Lisbon, J S Slicer


Liberty, W T Coppedge; Chamblissburg, J C Dickerson; Staunton, M H Wilson; Otter, H W Nichols; Bellevue, B W Horsley; Charlemont, J N Thomasson; Forest, Amandus Walker; Lisbon, S E Brown

Justices of the Peace

Liberty, Wm Evans, W H Jennings, W L Bush; Chamblissburg, C H Dickinson, C H McManaway, C M Quarles; Staunton, Thos W Nance, T J Brown, J N Maxey; Otter, W H Lee Jr, J C Adams, A L Thurman; Bellevue, E W Horsley, John Hunter, Alanson Noell; Charlemont, B F Cox, J M White, S H Turpin; Forest, J M Steptoe, W Radford, W H Taylor; Lisbon, S F Patterson, J M Wells, J A Marshall.

Overseers of the Poor

Liberty, J W Smith; Chamblissburg, H Preas; Staunton, Benjamin Mitchell; Otter, W T Clingenpeel; Bellevue, J A Padgett; Charlemont, James A Reynolds; Forest, James Austin; Lisbon, R N Thomas.

Agricultural Implements

Kirkpatrick W T - Liberty
Jeter, Marshall & Co. - Liberty
Thomas, Patterson & Co. Liberty

Attorneys at Law

Arthur A A - Big Island
Berry & McKinney - Liberty
Burks & Burks - Liberty
Campbell J L - Liberty
Goggin & Rucker - Liberty
Griffin & Lowry - Liberty
Jordan Wm V - Liberty
Lockett & Bruce - Liberty
Sale, Claytor & Sale - Liberty
Saunders & Brown - Liberty
Thurman & Maupin - Liberty


Bank of Bedford, O P Bell prest, T J Matthews cashier - Liberty
Capital - $30,000
Surplus - 16,000
Liberty Savings Bank (The) M P Burks, prest, C W Wharton Cashier. - Liberty


Davis William, - Liberty
Howe William, - Liberty
James Ransome, - Liberty


Oppenheim Jacob - Liberty


Board Daniel- Liberty
Rucker Dabney - Liberty
Smith F A & Co.- Liberty
Smith Hannibal, - Liberty


Dennis L E Mrs - Liberty


Hubard W J - Liberty
Boot & Shoe Dealers

Oyler J W - Liberty

Brick Manufacturers

Coppage John G - Liberty

Butchers & Meat Markets

Hopkins & Hatcher - Liberty
Walker Bros - Liberty

Cabinet Makers

Carder J M & Son - Liberty
Satterwhite Herbert - Liberty

Carpenters & Contractors

Blankenship J W, - Coleman's Falls
Biggers H, - Bellevue
Bondurant Lyle & Co. - Liberty
Check W S - Davis' Mills
Clayton Albert - Bellevue
Clark J R - Sedalia
Dooley T E - Good View
Drewry E W - Body Camp
Eubank C S - Big Island
Garnett Charles - Reba
Goode J E - Wade's
Hudnall W G - Boonsboro
Lipscomb J J - Moneta
Martin G W - Otter View
Murrell G W - Horeb
Reed William - Big Island
Routan S B - Big Island
St Clair J - Davis' Mills
Stone Samuel M - Liberty
Thomasson J O - Good View
Turner James G - Chestnut Fork
Wheat Wesley - Charlemont
Williams Thomas - Perrowville
Williamson S D - Body Camp
Witt W W - Wade's
Woolfolk W H - Peakville
Whitworth Jeremiah - Otter View


Hirsh Adolphin - Liberty
Wolff M - Liberty

Cigar Manufacturers

Denniis E M - Liberty
Otey & Co - Liberty
Ragland J B - Liberty

Coach & Wagon Makers

Almond Wm - Reba
Blankenship R S - Liberty
Blankenship R T - Big Island
Boyleee W B - Bufordsville
Bragg John - Body Camp
Brugh Abram - Bufordsville
Clark I N - Liberty
Crank W G - Bellevue
Feather __________ - Horeb
Ferguson J H - Stewartsville
Forbes R P - Carter's Island
Glass J B - Lowry
Houser Samuel - Carter's Island
Leftwich Grandison - Body Camp
Leftwich James H -Body Camp
Lipscomb J T - Davis' Mills
Marris F H - Reba
Morgan P H - Robertson
Oliver J H - Boonsoboro
Reynolds J W - Sedalia
Rice Gordon - Wade's
Smith J G - Bellevue
Wooldridge Wm - Bellevue
Wilson J P - Bufordsville
Wills P M - Horeb
Campbell, J L - Liberty
Claytor Graham - Liberty
Maupin C W - Liberty
Rucker O C - Liberty


Board C A - Liberty
Cox R H - Big Island
Foster J B - Bufordsville
Hopkins W J - Liberty
Marshall T H - Liberty


Blankenship M J - Davis Mills
Brown L G - Otter View
Burton W - Bells
Byrne L - Lowry
Cox R H & Son - Big Island
Dallas T D - Otter View
Dickerson J C - Carter's Island
Huddleston W C - Horeb
Jennings James - Matilda
Martin J T - Carter's Island
Matthews Robert - Boonsboro
Metts James R - Fancy Grove
Mitchell John D - Chestnut Fork
Morgan Wm - Otter View
Payne J W - Good View
Poindexter D D - Perrowville
Rosenbaum D E - Liberty
Saunders Thomas T - Davis Mills
Taylor Wm M - Coleman's Falls
Wells A C - Bunkers Hill
Willard W W - Chestnut Fork


Almond A J Dr - Liberty
Fisher W F - Liberty
Hopkins & St Clair - Liberty
Perrow A J & H J - Perrowville
Price S H - Bufordsville

Dry Goods

Brown J T - Sedalia
Goodwin G O & Co - Liberty


Harris J A & Co - Holcomb's Rock
Jeter, Marshall & Co - Liberty


Arthur P T - Big Island
Grant F - Forest Depot


Tate J E & Co - Liberty

General Merchants

Abbott E G - Liberty
Abbott & Dowdy - Liberty
Aunspaugh Fred - Liberty
Bell M H - Bell's
Bond & Co - Liberty
Breazeal F C - Peaksville
Brown J T - Sedalia
Buford Wm & Co - Holcomb's Rock
Byrne Lawrence - Lowry
Campbell J T (agt) - Liberty
Carter J P - Reba
Cash J P - Liberty
Claytor R B & Co - Liberty
Cofer R H - Lisbon
Cornelius W R - Charlemont
Cox J B & Bro - Big Island
Cox R H & Son - Liberty
Cundiff I O - Emaus
Davis W - Loving Creek
Dearing George - Sandy Fork
Dickinson A L - Stewartsville
Dinwiddie & Co - Hendrick's Store
Dooley J A & Co - Liberty
Fields Samuel - Bedford Springs, Campbell Co
Fitzpatrick J E - Wade's
Franklin J M & Co - Chamblissburg
Gillespie & Goode - Wade's
Goodwin G O & Co - Liberty
Harris John A - Boonsboro
Hogan C W - Robertson's
Holland T N - Fancy Grove
Horsley B W - Goode's
Howell A B - Liberty
Howell E Mrs - Forest Depot
Howell John - Liberty
Hughes S J - Fancy Grove
James L C & Co - Liberty
Jones James M - Emaus
Kelly Wm - Liberty
Lacy J E - Long Gum
Lane E C Mrs - Coleman's Falls
Lee E A - Lowry
Leftwich J H - Body Camp
Leftwich Samuel D - Wade's
Lewis J E & Co - Liberty
McCabe J Pleasant - Davis Mills
Martin J - Emaus
May J J - Forest Depot
Meade Wm W - Emaus
Meredith & Co - Bedford Springs,
Campbell co
Minter A L & Co - Good View
Minter R S - Hendrick's Store
Morgan J T - Moneta
Morris L M - Liberty
Myler E H - Liberty
Neighbors C J - Gishes
Patterson Henry T - Liberty
Perrow A J & H J - Perrowsvile
Poindexter D D - Perrowsville
Pollard W W - Wades
Price S H - Bufordsville
Reynolds & Co - Liberty
Roberts Geo H - Wades
Rorer John Q - White Rock
Saunders Geo E - Kasey's
Schenk James W - Bellevue
Scruggs W E - Holcomb's Rock
Slicer J S & Sons - Bufordsville
Smith Stephen P - Davis Mils
Smith & Reese - Fancy Grove
Staton T W - Lowry
Steger S B - Big Island
Steger & De Jarnette - Holcomb's Rock
Steptoe John M - Boonsboro
Stone Bros & Co - Liberty
Thaxton J A - Moneta
Thaxton John F - Chamblissburg
Thaxton W H & H J - Horeb
Thomas J C - Otterville
Thomasson A S - Lone Pine
Trevey A J - Big Island
Walker Julius H - Otter Hill
Warfield Thomas - Boonsboro
Watson E P - Matilda
Watson J J - Thaxton's
Wells L Mrs - Bunker Hill
Wildman Bros. - Body Camp
Wildman W E & Co - Davis Mills
Wilson J M Mrs - Chestnut Fork
Wood J E - Reba
Woodson W R - Charlemont
Wright A K - Coleman's Falls


Jopling T C - Liberty
Miller J A - Liberty
Sale W A - Liberty


Jeter, Marshall & Co - Liberty
Thomas, Patterson & Co - Liberty


Glendower Miss A M Hanes - Bufordsville
Hatcher J C - Reba
Liberty House, W H Bohreer, propr. - Liberty
Snead Geo T - Big Island
Windsor, W H Mosby, propr. - Liberty

Insurance Agents

Kelsey O W - Liberty
Lowry John W - Lowry's
Wingfield J F - Liberty

Iron Manufacturers

Bedford Spoke & Iron Mfg. Co. - Liberty
Buck & Newsom - Liberty
Jordan J T - Big Island
Smith F A & Co - Liberty


Bedford Library Assoc. Judge M Davis, prest., J R Guy, sec'y

Livery Stables

Bush G A - Liberty
McCormick J W - Liberty
Preas John H - Liberty

Live-stock Dealers

Hopkins J A & Co - Liberty
Walker Bros - Liberty

Machinists' Supplies

Coffee R W - Liberty

Mills - Bone & Plaster

Buck & Newsom - Liberty
Harris J A & Co - Holcomb's Rock


Bush S E Mrs - Liberty
Goodwin G O & Co - Liberty
Reynolds A T Mrs - Liberty

Mills - Corn & Flour

Adkisson C W - Horeb
Ashwell John B - Dundee
Bandy W A Lone Gum
Baugham G W - Smyrna
Becknor J ABufordsville
Bell John O - Bell's
Buford's Dr Wm R Rice - Bufordsville
Burton W - Bell's
Burroughs S C - Davis Mills
Carnifex - Peaksville
Carter B L - Fancy Grove
Clayton's Wm H Newman - Otter Hill
Cornelius W R - Sedalia
Crouch J - Fancy Grove
Cundiff C - Emaus
Davis' Smith - Davis Mills
Falconer W H - Liberty
Fancy Farm Mills - Peaksville
Ferguson D W - Otter View
Fitzpatrick J E - Wade's
Graves W F & Son - Bunker's Hill
Gray M H - Chestnut Fork
Harris J A & Co - Holcomb's Rock
Hartwell J W - Good View
Hawkins J F Jr - Boonsboro
Hogan C W - Robertson's
Holt D S - Liberty
Hubbard H S - Perrowville
James Isaac - Stewartville
Joppa John G Kasey - Liberty
Lisbon Mrs W H Hall - Lisbon
Lupton C A - Otterville
Major Harwood - Big Island
Manly Geo - Big Island
Matthews & Wright - Liberty
May A J - Reba
May W J - Bellevue
Meador O P - Carter's Island
Miller S - Perrowville
Mitchell W H - Bufordsville
Morgan John T - Davis Mills
Nelson Stephen - Matilda
Newman John - Body Camp
Noell James T - Lone Pine
Otterburn J N Early - Liberty
Peaks Mills - Peaksville
Penn J J - Big Island
Preas______ - Coonsville
Reynolds James A - Charlemont
Rice W R - Bufordsville
Saunders, D W Ferguson - Fancy Grove
Seay D P - Coleman's Falls
Seay W N - Holcomb's Rock
Shepardsdale, H Campbell - Reba
Skinnell James - Wade's
Sledd, Wm. E - Big Island
Tate Bros - Horeb
Templeton Daniel - Boonsboro
Thomasson J O - Good View
Trevey J B - Big Island
Wilkes Henry - Boonsboro
Wingfield, Casey & Meador - Good View
Wod J E - Reba

Mills - Planing

McGhee W H - Liberty

Mills - Saw

Arrington, James B - Bufordsville
Baker Wm. L - Stewartsville
Beard T E - Matilda
Beckner John A - Bufordsvile
Bell J O - Bell's
Blankenship R T - Big Island
Brown H B - Bellevue
Buck & Newsom - Liberty
Butterworth Wm. - Good View
Carter B L - Fancy Grove
Karn & Hickson - Dundee
Cornelius W R - Sedalia
Cundiff J O - Emaus
Du Val G B J - Forest Depot
Franklin J C - Hendrick's Store
Gardner John D - Body Camp
Goade James - Dundee
Graves W F & Son -Bunker's Hill
Hawkins J F - Boonsboro
Hughins James - Bufordsville
James Isaac - Stewartsville
Johnston & Gill - Horeb
Miller S - Perrowville
Moorman Joel E - Stewartsville
Morgan John T - Davis Mills
Noel James T - Lone Pine
Padgett Charles - Bellevue
Preas - Lone Pine
Rice Wm. R Dr. - Bufordsville
Seay D P - Coleman's Falls
Seay W N - Holcomb's Rock
Shipp H A - Lone Gum
Smith J B - Robertson's
Smith S P - Davis Mills
Tankersley J E - Bellevue
Templeton Daniel - Boonsboro
Thomasson J O - Good View
Tyree Walter - Boonsboro
Wilson W & Co. - Bellevue
Witt Geo. D - Lone Gum
Wood J E - Reba

Mills - Woolen

Liberty Woolen Mills, The, - Liberty


Creasy D W - Davis Mills
Drewry E W - Body Camp
Routain S B - Big Island
St Clair Jas H - Body Camp
Wilson A L - Davis Mills
Witt J M - Good View

Musical Instruments

Fitzpatrick W T - Liberty


Bedford Democrat (Weeky, Democratic) Dr C A Board, edr, Kelsey & Stump mngrs - Liberty
Bedford Index, The (weekly, Democratic) R Kenna Campbell edr & propr. - Liberty
Bedford Star & Sentinel (weekly, Democratic, Huffman Bros eds & proprs, - Liberty


Reynolds A T Mrs - Liberty


Smith W T - Liberty


Almond A J - Liberty
Black A J - Fancy Grove
Bowyer James H - Bellevue
Boyd & Latna - Smyrna
Burwell H L - Bufordsville
Cauthorn G T - Liberty
Claytor D M - Otter Hill
Davis Edward W - Davis Mills
Fitzpatrick Thomas - Fancy Grove
Fuqua John W - Chamblissburg
Hooper W D - Peaksville
Irvine Wm. H - Wade's
Izard Walter Jr - Liberty
Jennings W H - Peaksville
Jordan Howe A - Big Island
Leftwich Thos W - Bunker Hill
Lowry T E - Bellevue
Mayo L U - Coleman's Falls
Meriwether J A - Boonsboro
Mitchell John S - Lowry
Moorman J A - Carter's Island
Nelson F W - Perrowville
Nelson Thos W - Boonsboro
Otey John A - Liberty
O'Hara Robert G - Charlemont
Rice Wm R - Bufordsville
Sale Edmund W - Stewartsville
Sale Fred - Bunker Hill
Sale J W - Liberty
Spinner W S - Reba
Taylor A M - Coleman's Falls
Thomson A S (homoepathic) - Perrowville
Thompkins Daniel - Fancy Grove
Thurman W P - Fancy Grove
Wade David - Liberty
Wilkerson D M - Horeb

Plumbers & Gasfitters

Blanford D & Co - Liberty

Printers - Book & Job

Bedford Index - Liberty
Bedford Star & Sentinel - Liberty

Real Estate Agents

Kelsey O W - Liberty
Wingfield J F - Liberty


Dais Matilda - Liberty
Oppenheim Jacob - Liberty

Rubber Goods

Coffee R W - Liberty

Saddle & Harness makers

Fitzpatrick H A - Fancy Grove
Fitzpatrick Thomas - Dundee
Philips Wm - Otterville
Preas Nathan - Moneta
Robertson P Frank - Reba
Royer David - Liberty
Thomas C - Horeb
Traylor M J - Wade's
Turpin S H - Perrowville
Turpin W A - Charlemont
Warren Alexander - Big Island
Watson J A - Good View
Wells J M - Bufordsville
Wright John A - Liberty

Schools & Colleges

Bellevue High School, Wm R Abbott - Bellevue
Lowry Female Institute - Lowry
Sunny Side, A Eubank - Liberty
Tate C B - Bufordsville
There are 98 white & 40 colored public schools in the county. Supt. N D Hawkins - Coffee

Sewing Machine Agents

Fitzpatrick W T - Liberty

Stoves & Tinware

Blanford D & Co - Liberty
Kirkpatrick P D - Liberty


Hubard W J - Liberty
Wharton J E - Liberty


Miller W H - Liberty


Beckner C W- Bufordville
Elliott J S - Reba
Fitzpatrick Thomas - Otter View
Kelso R N - Peaksville
Lipscomb J L - Moneta
Overstreet Jesse - Fancy Grove
Reese W W Mrs - Otter View
Rucker J T - Boonsboro
Thomas W P - Horeb
Thomason J N -Otterville
Turpin R G - Big Island
White Scott - Otterville
White & Thomasson - Sedalia

Tobacco box Manufacturers

Maddox & Co - Liberty

Tobacco Dealers - Leaf

Ballard & Co - Liberty
Nelms & Co - Liberty

Tobacco Manufacturers

Berry Bros - Liberty
Bolling, Wright & Co - Liberty
Cauthorn, Jordan & Co - Liberty
Gish & Johnston - Liberty
Hurt, Judd & Co - Liberty
Robertson R F - Liberty
Nelms & Co - Liberty
Smith O B & Co - Liberty

Tobacco Warehouses

Hatcher J C - Liberty
Newsom & Wright - Liberty


Carder J M & Son - Liberty
Hatcher P A - Reba
Harris W E - Bufordville
Hogan H C - Emaus
Reynolds J W - Sedalia
Seay D P - Coleman's Falls
Thomasson J O - Good View
Whitworth Jerry - Otter View
Witt S L - Lone Gum
Witt W W - Wade's


Jones H W - Liberty
Tolley J M - Liberty

Wool Dealers

Eldridge G E - Bellevue
Elliott J S - Reba
Perrow A J & H J - Perrowville
Slicer J S - Bufordville

Principal Farmers

Bellevue - J W Brown, Wm R Abbott, Spotswood Brown, E W Horlsey, S Brown, G P Schenk, E R Talbott, T S West, I H Adams, T E Noell, L G Moorman, G W Trout, N A Cofer, Lucy S Brown, B W Horsley, J W Harris, J E Tankesley, J W Gordon, B Callaway.

Bells - W Burton, Richard Callaway, E L Smith, S L Hagerman, Joel Foster, Edwin M Bell, John W Bowyer, John P Thompson, H S Menefee, George S Merriman, H L Merriman, John W Gold, John O Bell, M B Claytor, D F Gordon.

Big Island - R G Turpin Jr, Wm. E. Sledd, Thomas N Turpin, Geo W Burks, Hiram C Burks, Howe A Jordan, M B Hudson, John Trevey, J B Harrison, Albin Artur, James McDaniel, H A Jordan, J C Hurdt, W G Rutt, M Hudson, S H Turpin, W G Burks.

Blue Ridge Springs, Botetourt Co - Geo Rieley, Sam'l Davidson.

Body Camp - James Skinnell, D O WItt, Wm. Skinnell, Mary E Wildman, R Johnson, W Johnson, Seth Updike, C C Waldren, Thomas Craghead, L Holland, Thomas Patterson, Daniel Patterson, Wm. Overstreet, Wm. Ellis, R D Mitchell, Geo Skinnell, T J Robertson, J H Mushgrove, S B Garrett, W S Wildman, John S Overstreet.

Boonsboro - C J Merriwether, A McDaniel, Joshua T Rucker, W C Oglesby, Jordan Brown, J R Thompson, J C Irwin, W P Nance, Daniel Templeton, John P Overstreet, Sheffy Miller, R T Chappell, H M Ogden, John M Steptoe.

Bunker Hill - W S WOodford, Wm M Wright, W McDaniel, Dr T W Leftwich, J L Patterson, T C Spain, John Woodford, Jacob Kim, C S Fuqua, John E Fuqua, S H Jeter, Barker Creary, R A Austin, J M Gibbs, Thos Woodford, J L Zimmerman, S Spain, R W Atkinson, W C Scott, L R Spradlin, Woody Garrett, W B Overstreet, A C Overstreet, Paschal Gibbs, S H Creary, R H Agee, John A Ayres, Wm Elis, R H Carter.

Bufordsville - Geo. P Luck, Marshall Gross, J S Slicer, J B Buford, John H Gross, A G Williams, T N Cobb, N C Luck, S L Jones, Price Ferrell, F B Harvey, C V Garrett, W A Slicer, J H Buford, E W Luck.

Carter's Island - H E Kasey, S M Hannabass, G O Hurt, J A Meador, L W Hurt,D N Hannabass, D L Thurman, C T Townsell,T G Hannabass, J G Pegrin, L W Thomasson, Jas M Hannabass, Jas Kasey, J D McLain, J H Kasey.

Chamblissburg - Wm M Fields, Jos Saunders, Wm Johnson, J W Mays, Henry Huddleston, Richard L Dearing, Peter L Huddleston, W C Huddleston.

Charlemont - P A S Brine, W S Burks, A O Burks, J D Burks, A S Burks, C K Nelson, E L Marshall, M N Griggs, W G Griggs, H S Longwood, T M Turpin, H L Rice, H G Stephenson.

Chestnut Fork - A L Thurman, M R Hubbard, P F Dowdy, R A Shelton, Jas Skinnell, Wm H Skinnell, W Willard, John J Ferrill, Geo. S Burroughs, B M Franklin, Robt G Sumner, D H Creesey, Jas T Dowdy.

Coleman's Falls - W H Taylor, J R Jeter, O P Knight, J A Woodruff, C R Monroe, S A Olney, R A Wright, C L Mitchell, W H Ogden, H M Lewis, Robert Matthews, G E Murrell, C Wilson, W J Brodie, W W Fisher.

Davis Mills - Jos N Burroughts, Moses P Rucker, J P McCabe, R A Johnson, M H Wilson, T W Morgan, T W Nance, J D Jacobs, C H Creasy, W A Garrett, J F Nance, J W Hubbard, M H Nance.

Dundee - Mathew Hall, L C Jacobs, James R Metts, Samuel Ayres, Allen Hall, B H Burnett, J T Martin, John Hutson, James T Johnson, Jas V Overstreet, Wm M Howell, John Cundiff, James A Howell, Oscar Wright, G B Plymale, Thos Hodges.

Emaus - John F Cundiff, O G Mead, H S Huddleston, J H Loyd, A A Roy, W Wills, G M Cundiff, Dr D M Wilkerson, W W Mead, Robert Mead, C A Trout.

Evington, Campbell Co. - W H Irvine, John B Irvine, H P Brown.

Fancy Grove - W A Goad, J T Martin, John A Smith, Wm Preston, J F Debo, E H Turner, M J Turner, P Johnson, T H Turner, Roger Stevens, Clifton Owens, C A Witt, N G Creary, Wm Hoopworth, J R Metts, Green B Martin, Melton J Turner, Berry L Carter, Thos W Morgan, Wm P Thurman, Joel Crouch, Wm Arthur, W D Hancock, Jacob Carroll, J H Freeman, Thos Wilkes, Jordan Witt, W H Morgan.

Forest Depot - John G Glenn, Granville L Moorman, A N Walker, David W Kile, R C W Radford, Mrs M W Radford, Richard W Poindexter, Edwin S Oliver, F H Harris, Duval Radford.

Goode's - J W Brown, J C Moomaw, Triplett E Lowry, Charles E Padgett, James A Padgett,

Goodview - T B Thomasson, J W Payne, J E Thomasson, W A Morgan, J A MOrgan, J O Thomasson, Johnnie Morgan, Wm Dickerson, C R Dickerson, J R Saunders, W A Maxey, J G Board, P H Peters, J R McGuire, B H Draper, Wm Chandler, John E Chandler.

Hendrick's Store - Charles P Moorman, Wm N Reese, Wesley Peters, B B Turner, Thos R Burroughs, Wm A Wingfield.

Holcomb's Rock - Jas M Harris, N M Steptoe, David C Tinsley, John W Langford, T D Swisher, Seth Perrow, J B Oglesby, G R Smith, Otway Tinsley, walter Tinsley, Pleasant Langford, Jesse R Jeter, Oliver Thompson, Peter R Williams, W N Meriweather.

Horeb - W F Graves, G W Scott, H P Hudleston, G M Cundiff, S R Meade, Robert Mead, N T Harris, J P Wingfield, W D Watson, W P Thurman, J W Zimmerman.

Kasey's - Jordan Martin, Wm Saunders, B B Musgrove.

Leesville - James L Arthur, J P Burnett, J B Burroughs.

Liberty - W L Hurt, A H Vandoren, James H Hopkins, W R Thurman, J H Ayres, Henry
Campbell, W L Lankford, J E M Walker, E T Walker, W P Ladd, W A Lowry, S P Beam,
Benjamin McGhee, Rice McGee, W P Hardy, J H Watts, R H Shepherd, Dr J S Mitchell, C M Maupin, A C Parker, M Nininger, M H Carner, J H Watts, R C Karnes, N R Wilson, A S Walker, A P Jeter, S H Jeter, S B Cowling, S M Hawkins S R Holland, T B Craghead, C B Fizer, J A Fizer, John M Earley, J B Sladen, W B Preas, W H McGhee, W H Dews, T J Phelps, W W Jopling, J P Hurt, James E Robertson, W McDaniel, C N Horsley, F Von Roy George A Nicholas, R H Jeter, J S Woolfolk, Joseph A Graves.

Lisbon - Caleb H Hatcher, J W Campbell, Samuel Smith, Charles W Hatcher, Milton Cronice, W S Wills, James Hunter, C W Hatcher.

Lone Gum - Griffin Dobyns, H A Woodford, J D Woodford, Wm J Fuqua, H W Nichols, WmBurnett, John E Witt, W J Johnson, W S Burnett, J W White, Elijah Harkworth, J E Crouch, James Burnett, Alexander White, Robert Overstreet.

Lone Pine - James B Leftwich, Jas T Noell, John W White, A L Noell, A S Thompson.

Loving Creek - W M Andrews, C T Andrews, H P Brown.

Lowry - J W Lowry, J D Lowry, J B Stanfield, J W Lowry, W E Beahm, P H Keeton, R E Beeton & Bros, R E Beeton, Sr, J H Cash & Sons, S T Hagerman, G S Merriman, C B Lowry, B R Markham, H A Beahm, John A Lee, Wm G McGhee, Harrison B Jones, Trout Bros & Graybill.

Lynchburg - Campbell Co. - J A Lee, Geo M Jones, Jas W Watts, John M Wyatt, I H Adams.

Matilda - A J Wheat, F D Wheat, R D Overstreet, C F Watson, Owen watson, Joe Watson, Wm Eubank, Nat Dewitt, Samuel Arrington, John Watson, James Boley, Jas Vaughn.

Monita - M P Rusker, W N Ruse, W J Goggin, J E Bond, W P Bond, J B Gardener, T Holland, E L Bond, Wm Field, Elish Hix, Cary Ellis, S Robertson, W P Holland, D Bradley, T T Saunders, John Nance, Whit Cundfiff, John M Patterson.

Otter Hill - Wm G Claytor, John F Teas, C D Claytor, L Rucker, E B Hudnall, E J Jordan.

Otter View - J E Nichols, E R Mitchell, DH Saunders, Mrs M J Saunders, Mrs Bettie L Saunders, W Martin, C C Kennett, D Bond, J A Shepherd, J W Kasey, T D Dallas.

Otterville - John Riley, C A Lupton, Wm Arrington, J S Thomas, Wesley Arrington, Davis Overstreet, Wm Jeter, Charles Hurt, Nathaniel W Thomson, Benjamin Watson, Whit Hatcher, Hezekiah Logwood, John P Hurt, E G Turpin, John A Wharton, C C Burnett, W P Burks, Wm H Wright.

Peaksville - R N Kelso, Robert Kelso, J H Arrington, John Carnifex, W J Eubank, J A Wright, J W Day, J C Jennings, Robert N Kelso, Thomas N Lee, M M Karnes, H C Wilkerson, Owen Wilkerson, Samuel Arrington, S M Bolling, J B Toms, Charles Woolfork, W D Hoover.

Perrowville - John Long, D D Poindexter, H D Poindexter, C B Reynolds, J O Perrow, A J Perrow, H J Perrow, J W White, W H Leftwich, D Abbott, E M Nelson, John W Murrell, J R Padgett, Wm Miller, Chas K Nelson, A T Mitchell, W S Nelson.

Reba - John Q Falls, C A Overstreet, S E Brown, J B Saunders, James L Lacks, J C Hatcher, W D Moseley, L M Hatcher, J P Carter, John B Goodwin, J B Falls, W B Goodwin, E P Hatcher, J W Cottrell.

Robertson's - E E Cundiff, John Creasey, Noah Dooley, Richard Crenshaw, J C Saunders, M H Gray, J M Scruggs, J M Hopkins, Terry Holdren, J Spradlin, Stephen Hubbbard.

Sedalila - W E Majors, Walter Majors, S H Trupin, F M Turpin, J M Turpin, W R Cornelius, G W Burks, H C Burks, B W Hodges, B C Coleman, E H Petit, W W Sale, B C Watson, H B Camden, D R Hudson, B P Watson, O W Watson, W H Dewitt.

Smyna - John C Cofer, S L Jones, R C Harvey, C H Fizer, Wm A Arrington, B Johnson, Thomas Woods, G P Lucky, E W Luck, G W Baughman.

Stewartsville - J P Wright Jr., Dr. E W Sale, John A Moorman, Isaac James, Patrick Simmons, J S Markham, John Hancock, Wm F Hurt, Wm W Basham, S P Walrand, J M Jeter, S West, J M Wright, W L Baker.

Thaxton's - Jerry C Hatcher, Wm H Mosby, Mrs D P Jones, David Thaxton, Allen P Jeter, W C Maupin, Patrick McCrossin, Rice McGhee, Albert Jones.

Wade's - Alexander C Parker, J A Cobb, Jr., J E Fitzpatrick, Thomas Wills, Wm T Clengenpeel, J D Williams, J E Goode, L W Nichols, E B Overstreet, A G Hillsman, T R Roberts, James Adams, Edward Adams, J C Adams, Thos A Fariss, R C Tucker, W C Overstreet, C H Wood, Joseph Wood, John A Preston, W W Pollard.

2001, Jeffrey C. Weaver, Arlington, VA

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