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Joanna Lee, abt 1840
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Mary Lee Brady, Ph.D.










Was William Hill the son or grandson of Joanna Lee?  Were the Hill brothers of Roanoke/Salem, Virginia related to the Lee offspring in Roanoke, and if so by who and when.  Research is required relative to William Hill, father of Cora Lee Hill and Henry Hill his brother who was the father of Dunbar Hill.  Both brothers passed on oral history of their mother (a free colored woman) sitting on a fence when the Yankee Cavalry of Colored Troops came through the Roanoke-Salem area of Virginia, and the promise by one man (William Hill) that "if you are sitting here when I come back through after we finish with the rebs, I will marry you." 

The story recalled included that he kept his promise.  But, little else is known of him or her other than the fact of at least two sons or grandsons fathered, ... Henry and William Hill (both born in the Roanoke vicinity) who included their mothers maiden name of Lee in the name of daughter, Cora Lee Hill. Speculation is the grand-mother of William and Henry Hill (both born in the 1880s) was likely Joanna Lee, mother of a daughter we suspect was Sally/Lilly Hill (born in the 1860s).  We do not know for certain.   

If Joanna's lover/husband was William Hill from Ohio, did he return from Ohio after the war where by law he had to be mustered out of the Union army, ... or did he remain there?  Another question is whether or not William Hill was among the federal occupation forces that remained in Virginia until year 1876 when removed by President Rutherford B. Hayes.  

The research requirement includes a careful review of the Union regiments of colored troops under General Philip Sheridan who had the responsibility of removing the rebel forces from the Shenandoah Valley. (breadbasket of the confederacy). 

Household Record 1880 United States Census

 Name RelationMarital StatusGenderRaceAgeBirthplaceOccupationFather's BirthplaceMother's Birthplace
 James LEE  Self  M  Male  B  25  VA  Farm Laborer  VA  VA 
 Marian LEE  Wife  M  Female  B  23  VA  Keeping House  VA  VA 
 Spragings LEE  Son  S  Male  B  1  VA  At Home  VA  VA 
 Tabby LEE  Sister  S  Female  B  15  VA  At Home  VA  VA 
 Polly LEE  Mother  W  Female  B  80  VA  At Home  VA  VA 
 Joanna LEE  Aunt  S  Female  B  40  VA  At Home  VA  VA 

Source Information:
 Census PlaceRoanoke, Halifax, Virginia
 Family History Library Film  1255369
 NA Film Number  T9-1369
 Page Number  356B      



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