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John W. Lowry, born abt 1830
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Mary Lee Brady, Ph.D.

Lee Lowry, born 1863









John W. Lowry was one of many White Lowry offspring to enlist in the Confederate forces during Virginia's abandonment of the union and attempts to prevent ending of chattel slavery. 

 Name RelationMarital StatusGenderRaceAgeBirthplaceOccupationFather's BirthplaceMother's Birthplace
 John W. LOWRY  Self  M  Male  W  50  VA  Farmer  VA  VA 
 Almira E. LOWRY  Wife  M  Female  W  45  VA  Keeps House  VA  VA 
 John T. LOWRY  Son  S  Male  W  12  VA    VA  VA 
 Augustus W. LOWRY  Son  S  Male  W  10  VA    VA  VA 
 Edmonia P. LOWRY  Sister  S  Female  W  28  VA  At Home  VA  VA 
 Lizzie MOORMAN  Other  S  Female  B  19  VA  Cook  VA  VA 
 Lee LOWRY  Other  S  Male  B  17  VA  Hostler  VA  VA 

Source Information:
 Census PlaceLiberty, Bedford, Virginia
 Family History Library Film  1255355
 NA Film Number  T9-1355
 Page Number  199D      

John W. Lowry (First_Last)
Regiment Name 2 Virginia Cavalry
Side Confederate
Company A
Soldier's Rank_In Corporal
Soldier's Rank_Out 2 Lieutenant
Alternate Name
Film Number M382 roll 34









Tommy Markham on his website makes the amazing statement that Lowry ancestors in the Civil War did so to "defend their homes and protect their property; and when the war ended came home, freed their slaves and renewed a peaceful and prosperous way of life." 

Since most of the young men enslaved in Lowry before the war began had escaped to join in the great Messianic Christian Crusade against slavery, ... we assume Markham's focus is on slaves like Lee Lowry.  Lee was born during the war, but with issue of Emancipation Proclamation by Abraham Lincoln in January 1963, ... he was legally free subject to enforcement by might of Union military forces, not benevolence of slave owners who fought like hell to keep them enslaved.

2nd Regiment, Virginia Cavalry

2nd Cavalry Regiment completed its organization at Lynchburg, Virginia, in May, 1861. Its companies were recruited in the counties of Bedford, Campbell, Botetourt, Amherst, Franklin, Appomattox, and Albemarle. Until the end of October the unit was called the 30th Regiment Virginia Volunteers. During the war it was brigaded under Generals B.H. Robertson, F. Lee, Wickham, and Munford. The 2nd Cavalry saw action at First Manassas, in Jackson's Valley Campaign, and at Groveton Heights, Sharpsburg, Fredericksburg, Kelly's Ford, Chancellorsville, Brandy Station, Aldie, Upperville, Gettysburg, and Shepherdstown. After the Bristoe and Mine Run campaigns, it was involved at The Wilderness, Todd's Tavern, Spotsylvania, Haw's Shop, and Cold Harbor. It fought in the Shenandoah Valley with Early and later in numerous conflicts around Petersburg and Appomattox. The regiment contained 676 men in July, 1861, lost twenty-eight percent of the 163 engaged at Groveton Heights, and of the 385 at Gettysburg about four percent were disabled. At Appomattox it cut through the Federal lines and disbanded at Lynchburg on April 10, 1865. However, 19 men were included in the surrender. The field officers were Colonels Thomas T. Munford and Richard C.W. Radford, Lieutenant Colonels Cary Breckinridge and James W. Watts, and Major William F. Graves.

14th Regiment, Virginia Cavalry

14th Cavalry Regiment was organized in September, 1862, with nine companies, some of which had previously served in Jackson's Squadron Virginia Cavalry. The tenth company was made up of surplus men of the other companies. The unit was attached to Jenkins', Echols', and McCausland's Brigade. It skirmished in western Virginia, then saw action at Droop Mountain and Lewisburg. During January, 1864, it had 29 officers and 424 men present for duty. The 14th continued the fight in Western Virginia, took part in the operations in the Shenandoah Valley, and disbanded in April, 1865. The field officers were Colonels James Cochran and Charles E. Thorburn, Lieutenant Colonels Robert A. Bailey and John A. Gibson, and Majors B. Frank Eakle and George Jackson.

Soldier Name
Regiment Name
1Lowry, JohnConfederateArtilleryNelson's Company, Virginia Light Artillery (Hanover Artillery)
2Lowry, JohnConfederateInfantry59th Regiment, Virginia Infantry
3Lowry, John D.ConfederateInfantry8th Regiment, Virginia Infantry
4Lowry, John H.ConfederateInfantry30th Regiment, Virginia Infantry
5Lowry, John H.ConfederateInfantry47th Regiment, Virginia Infantry
6Lowry, John H.Confederate 79th Regiment, Virginia Militia
7Lowry, John M.ConfederateCavalry2nd Regiment, Virginia Cavalry
8Lowry, John M.Confederate 6th Battalion, Virginia Reserves
9Lowry, John R.ConfederateArtilleryWoolfolk's Company, Virginia Light Artillery (Ashland Light Artillery)
10Lowry, John T.ConfederateInfantry18th Regiment, Virginia Infantry
11Lowry, John T.ConfederateInfantry53rd Regiment, Virginia Infantry
12Lowry, John W.ConfederateCavalry2nd Regiment, Virginia Cavalry
13Lowry, John W.ConfederateCavalry14th Regiment, Virginia Cavalry
14Lowry, John W.ConfederateInfantry14th Regiment, Virginia Infantry
15Lowry, John W.ConfederateInfantry25th Battalion, Virginia Infantry (Richmond Battalion) (City Battalion)
16Lowry, John W.Confederate 31st Regiment, Virginia Militia


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