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Bloomingburg Cemetery
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Mary Lee Brady, Ph.D.










Bloomingburg Cemetery includes a lot of people who knew one another in life, and possibly as brothers and sisters in the body and spirit of Christ.  If matters, if they did because therein is another story that spans generations in the pursuit of goodness. 

The listing begins with the Jefferson family/clan that outreached from Virginia to Ohio and other places embraced in his mind.  It is for certain that he had deep interest in the lands and affairs of Ohio that became a state when he was President of the United States.  The Lee family that we know came up from Virginia to Ohio after the Civil War, and likely the Jeffersons' were already there.  The Mc Coys on the other hand moved into Fayette County Ohio sometime around 1812-1815 during the period that revolutionary war vets were claiming their lands.

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