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Charles Adkins, born abt.1791
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Charles Adkins, born abt 1791

Husband's Name
Charles ADKINS (AFN:S9GP-CN)  
Born: 5 Oct 1791Place: , Brunswick, Virginia 
Died: 31 Aug 1867Place: , Giles, Tenn. 
Buried:  Place: Brown Cemetery, Giles, Tn 
Married: 6 Jul 1820Place: , Of Brunswick, Virginia 
Father: Richard ADKINS (AFN:S9GP-9B)  
 Mother: Rebecca BURROWS (AFN:S9GP-BH)  

Wife's Name
Mildred BROWN (AFN:S9H5-36)  
Born: 25 May 1793Place: , Brunswick, Va 
Died: 15 Aug 1840Place: Bunker Hill, Giles, Tn 
Buried:  Place: Bunker Hill Cem., Giles, Tn 
Married: 6 Jul 1820Place: , Of Brunswick, Virginia 
Father: Rolly (Raleigh) BROWN (AFN:3NDK-MB)  
 Mother: Nancy ABERNATHY (AFN:CB7C-40)  


 1. Sex Name  
  FMary E ADKINS (AFN:S9H5-97)  
  Born: 1835 Place: <, Giles, Tn>  
  Died: 1835 Place:   

 2. Sex Name  
  MLittleberry Cargile ADKINS (AFN:S9H5-6P)  
  Born: 13 Mar 1824 Place: Bunker Hill, Giles, Tn  
  Died: 23 Jun 1912 Place:   
  Buried:  Place: Brown Cemetery, Bethel, Giles, Tn  

 3. Sex Name  
  MLewis Richardson ADKINS (AFN:S9H5-82)  
  Born: 20 Mar 1829/1830 Place: , Giles, Tn  
  Died: 10 Sep 1861 Place: , Jackson, Ala  

 4. Sex Name  
  MWilliam Henry ADKINS (AFN:S9H5-4C)  
  Born: 8 May 1821 Place: , Giles, Tn  
  Died: 1 Dec 1852 Place: , Giles, Tn  

 5. Sex Name  
  MJohn Lee ADKINS (AFN:S9H5-7V)  
  Born: 14 Jul 1828 Place: , Giles, Tn  
  Died: 26 Aug 1852 Place:   

 6. Sex Name  
  FMartha Michel ADKINS (AFN:S9H5-5J)  
  Born: 25 Nov 1822 Place: , Giles, Tn  
  Died: 15 Aug 1901 Place: , Giles, Tn  
  Buried:  Place: Brown Cemetery, Giles, Tn


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