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George Lee, born abt 1805
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Mary Lee Brady, Ph.D.

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George Lee, born abt 1805 was possibly a brother of Polly Lee or one of the other offspring of William and Frank Lee.  It is possible that his mother was freed per will of George Washington or Martha Washington (finally probated in 1825) affording her offspring to be classified as free.  His daughter was born in Ohio when he was 23 years of age suggesting that he moved to Ohio a year or so before 1828.  

We make this assumption because were he a runaway slave in year 1850, he would have avoided census takers and been subject to recapture and return to owners in Virginia. Three of his four sons served in the U.S. Colored Troops during the Civil War that ended chattel slavery.  He is significant in helping us to comprehend the how, when and why Nancy Lee, a likely known relative, chose Fayette County, Ohio when relocating from Midlothian, Virginia around year 1882-1883. 

The year 1850 was very volatile and dangerous for African-Americans, free or enslaved, north, south, east or west since the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 made all states, local governments and sheriff departments responsible to aid slave catchers and bounty hunters in their pursuit of so-called runaway slaves. Consequently in addition to seeking refuge in Canada, across the bridge from Detroit, Michigan: there were many who feared the long arm of the ante-bellum laws and sought safe havens to live and work in farming areas like Fayette County, Ohio.


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