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George Lowry, born abt 1770
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Mary Lee Brady, Ph.D.

Emma Lowry, born abt 1814
Charlotte Lowry, born abt 1830









George Lowry, born abt 1770 was a signatory to the Cherokee Treaty of 1817, and is assumed to have been the father of Emma Lowry.  Other assumptions are that he was not likely fathered by William Lowry since his father would have had to be a Cherokee male for him to assume a chieftaincy position among the eastern Cherokee.


Art. 13. The contracting parties do also stipulate that this treaty shall take effect and be obligatory on the contracting parties so soon as the same shall be ratified by the President of the United States, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate of the United States.

In witness of all and everything herein determined, by and between the before recited contracting parties, we have, in full and open council, at the Cherokee Agency, this Eighth Day of July, A. D., One Thousand Eight Hundred and Seventeen, set our hands and seal.

Andrew Jackson
Joseph McMinn
D. Merrlweather
United States Commissioners
Richard Brown, his X mark.
Cabbin Smith, his X mark.
Sleeping Rabbit, his X mark.
George Saunders, his X mark.
Roman Nose, his X mark.
Currohe Dick, his X mark.
John Walker, his X mark.
George Lowery.
Richard Taylor.
Walter Adalr.
James Brown.
Kelachule, his X mark.
Sour Mash, his X mark.
Chulioa, his X mark.
Chickasautchee, his X mark.
The Bark of Chota, his X mark.
The Bark of Hightower, his X mark.
Big Half Breed, his X mark.
Leyestlsky, his X mark.
Going Snake, his X mark.
Ch. Hicks.
Young Davis, his X mark.
Souanooka, his X mark.
The Locust, his X mark.
Beaver Carrier, his X mark.
Dreadful Water, his X mark.
Chyula, his X mark.
Ja. Martin.
John McIntosh, his X mark.
Katchee of Cowee. his X mark.
White Man Killer, his X mark.


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