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Henry Adkins, born abt 1730
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Mary Lee Brady, Ph.D.










An obvious question of interest to Adkins of African-American heritage would be whether or not Henry Adkins fathered any children by the enslaved woman named Annaka?  And, why did consecutive generations of African-American enslaved women use the first name Henry in conjunction with the surname Adkins/Atkins.

Born: 1730Place: , Henrico, Va
Died: Abt 1787Place:  
Father: William ADKINS (AFN:HP86-FT)
 Mother: Elizabeth PARKER (AFN:HP86-G1)

Wife's Name
Elizabeth (AFN:2018-ML8)
Born: Abt. 1733Place: <, , Virginia>


 1. Sex Name 
  MWinston ADKINS (AFN:R28V-VS)
  Born: Abt 1773 Place: , , Virginia

 2. Sex Name 
  MWinright ADKINS (AFN:2018-2MJ)
  Born: Abt 1775 Place: , , Virginia
  Died: Abt 1854 Place: , Pike, Kentucky

 3. Sex Name 
  Born: 1755 Place: Of Pittsylvania, Virginia


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