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Propaganda or Power?
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Invocating Hatred Against Love

The Kennedy brothers and sisters invoked hatreds that can best be described as evil we have often seen and heard. What kind of a human being dares cheer the death of another: such as occurred in 1944 when Adolf Hitler learned that Franklin Roosevelt had died; and, the Texas bound air-flight in 1963 that witnessed cheering by some passengers following announcement that President John F. Kennedy was dead?   The possibility exists that scenarios were not about generations of racism but also the genetics of anti-Christ attitudes? 

The big matter for African-Americans to consider is that evil is not simply the absence of goodness but often the spirit of it does indeed transcend generations which leads us to examine our faith for understanding not only evil but also hatred espoused daily by many mass media masters since the era of Dr Joseph Goebels who was a propaganda genius:

 "In the hours immediately following Senator Ted Kennedy's death, Breitbart called Kennedy a “villain,” a “duplicitous bastard,” a “prick”[13] and "a special pile of human excrement."  [



It was JFK, for those who do not know, ... that opened the White House and Executive Departments to the first African-American interns during the period of 1961-1963 giving them a perception of power few of their racial background ever knew.  Traditionally Black colleges and universities leaped at the opportunities to listen and learn about the acquisition and administration of power to help others. Their students who had the experience saw in the flesh that power was not about what many on the outside wanted to believe.

African-American military officers who struggled daily to measure UP, not down, more than any other "wanabes" understood that American power was not "out of the barrel of a gun" ... (a famous quote from Mao popular among would-be revolutionaries)  But rather, power came into being and existed in the systemic application of orderly and predictable behavior focused on cultural change for better or worse.  Self-perceived intellectuals such as http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eldridge_Cleaver  image  below had never been anywhere other than prison.  With travel into the world of enlightenment he was gifted and talented enough to be http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Born-again_Christian  in the light of salvation he and most other Black Panthers never experienced before.  Most enlightened and educated Black ministers and laymen in the faith were delighted to learn about his conversion, and hopeful that his joining uniformity of Republican Party was to encourage the powerful and mighty to be helpful to "the least of us."

Uniforms do not make an organization important and masters of disinformation propaganda must always be compared to evil minds of men like  Dr Joseph Goebels in picture on right, ,,, but like many right-wingers, such as Alan Keyes in the 1980s and David Horowitz in the 1960s, he was not righteous but rather an ideological opportunist.  In fact, most members of the so-called new left in the 1960s, like the Black Panthers, ... were more akin to the defeated Nazi right than anything believers and followers of Dr. King pursued.

Most of the Black Panthers had never belonged to anything generationally stable, including families, Sunday Schools, churches, organized athletics, scouting or even high school classes that graduated. Behind the lies about multiple tours of duty in Vietnam were often hidden truths about dysfunctional juvenile lives and memberships in street-gangs and incarceration in jails and prisons. Most had never even had a driver's license.  Many had tried to enlist in the U.S. military and suffered a deep sense of rejection when told they were ineligible to enlist.  The Black Panthers not only offered such young men an opportunity to belong in something of perceived value, but most importantly the uniforms to affirm they were somebody above being nobody.

Indeed, enlightened as Christian believers and far more educated than all but a few pundits calling for Black power.  The biggest difference between them was that most military officers were graduates of R.O.T.C. programs in southern Black colleges and the kind of men who believed they could overcome and generally supportive of Dr. King's aspirations for African-Americans;  ... while Black power pundits their age were almost always men who had not overcome much of anything including the hurdles of education, family and the temptations of alcohol and narcotics. 

Most Black officers were college educated before being commissioned and had reviewed the same make-believe books (by authors such as Franz Fannon) and more about acquisitions and applications of economic, military and political power. They had also read and been indoctrinated with facts quite to the contrary what a lot of youth were inclined to believe based on rhetoric. For believers with eyes to see and ears to hear, ... the revolutions taking place in America and rest of the world following World War II was the Christian spirit that believers like the Kennedys believed in and still do.  It embellished power that is and always was bigger than the brain and lifetime of a single lifetime.  And, it inspired and inspires attitudes and behaviors not given to non-believers in it.  Black power pundits still do not believe.                         

Certainly, the pundits like Stokely Carmichael, Rap Brown, Huey Newton and most others who coined the phrase "Black Power" years after death of JFK never understood real power they did not have, ...nor how to use it if they miraculously ever obtained it. Most of the self ordained rebels came out of households of anger, frustration and rage more often than not headed by unhappy mothers and often had their earliest experiences with violence and violent rhetoric as the hands of who most men still hold sacred, ... their mother.  

                    "Why do the heathen rage." [Solomon?]

Blessed is the boy or girl who has a mother, and especially blessed are those in pursuit of goodness for their offspring, ... such as spiritual enlightenment, community fellowship and functional education to pursue goodness in their life and others. For lack of a better measurement, the numbers of teenage Black youth gainfully employed, in civilian education/training institutions, in the military services, or incarcerated in jails and prisons tell the story that ought to be researched rather than left to speculation.  As matters of fact, for those pundits who believe or want to believe the Black Panther Party ever reflected the attitudes and behaviors of most young Black men, ... it is necessary to understand that African-American enlistments (not conscription) in the U.S. military even during the worst months of the Vietnam War always far exceeded the total memberships of Black men in the Panthers. 

To believe otherwise is an insult and challenge to the patriotic history of African-American young men dating back to at least the Civil War before and after emergence of urban ghetto beliefs and cultures by many gifted and talented youth such as Stokely Carmichael.  He was brought into the light of a righteous movement and revolution such as espoused by Dr. Martin Luther King but failed to embrace his doctrine of Christian love, racial integration and "non-violence". With the sole exception of perhaps Carmichael, ... none of the would be revolutionaries had the brain-power and he did not have  to master or manipulate real power or even use English as the language of empowerment during our long march up from slavery and colonialism. 

                                            Stokely Carmichael

It is inconceivable that in any of the largest Black urban populations Black Panther memberships of young men could ever have reached critical mass or muster capabilities, let alone the ability to be trained or deployed for anything other than wearing clothing and hairstyles.  In the first instance about all young men organized for militant purposes anywhere is that few ever join for rebel ideals but rather the practical issues like meals and money top the agenda or demands, .. even among rebels with a cause such as the Civil War confederates.  People who read a lot of propaganda about people such as leaders of revolutions by other peoples in other places tended to not know very much about human events wherein African-Americans lived, ... outside a relatively few urbanized centers in Africa, the Americas, Caribbean and Europe. 

                             Black Panther Party

Governments have the power to conscript young men to popular or unpopular causes. Activities such as the Black Panthers or Ku-Klux-Klan never did or will have such power. But, yet such hate generated initiatives must be discouraged, restrained and restricted by legitimate government in the best interest of "the least of us."  Claims about many military veterans joining the Panthers was mostly propaganda by men like Bobby Seale (image of an old man on right), dishonorably discharged from the Air Force and suggesting that men like himself were in reality vanguards of the hoped for rebellion.  There were no doubt other men dishonorably discharged like Bobby Seale but such were neither numerous or type personalities that would submit to self disciplines necessary to mold any kind of effective organization.

Facts are that few if any Black Panther Party members reflected experiences or discipline toward uniformity in behavior.  Many of their attitudes had been nurtured in ghetto life and juvenile incarcerations where individualized rebellion against any kind of authority made common cause impossible even organized athletics and so-called self-defense organizing.  Black Panther numbers of actual members were miniscule compared to other organized entities such as monthly volunteers of young Black males (not including conscripts) in the U.S. Military.  It was true in the 1960s and still so today wherein claims of a New Black Panther Party have emerged.  Genuine Black scholars ought not try to romanticize what was very often drug induced noise and rage that led to the murder in his bed of gifted and talented young men like Fred Hampton, ...  by alarmed law enforcement officers.    Alarming masters of violence was a strategic blunder and stupid tactic that many racist police welcomed; and men like Robert F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr. warned against!

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