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James Hill, abt 1620
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Mary Lee Brady, Ph.D.

James Hill, born 1656









So far as we can determine James Hill, an Englishman by birth, migrated to the English colony of Virginia sometime before his son James was born in 1656, and the Tudors were still on the English throne.  The possibility exists that he might have been a soldier, sailor or merchant in pursuit of a livelihood via Jamestown.  Our speculation is that at least one of his offspring fathered Henry Hill and perhaps siblings during the next 100 years (three generations of sexual activism) after James was born. 

Indeed, not all or even most sexual acts between men and women, Black or White, in that era could be reasonably subscribed to as acts of love.  By the time Henry Hill was conceived and born in 1753 on the eve of world-wide war between England and France, ... women of African heritage in Virginia and the other original colonies were commonly known to birth offspring via White owners who occasionally afforded special privileges or conditions such as joining the colonial militias and later even the Continental Army in exchange for personal liberty. 

British governors of Massachusetts and Virginia were the prime movers in waging war against the French and Indians; and, they certainly enlisted Black men like Billy Brown, ... who later apparently married Bett Hemings, daughter of Betty Hemings at Monticello. The British war against the French and Indian Alliance in North America was surely such an occasion when thousands of Black men were pressed into service as riflemen, scouts, pioneers, water men, ammunition carriers, cooks, supply men, sentries and a host of other functions required in wars of movement. 

Many gained their liberty from slavery by being extremely useful, ... often serving in exchange for masters or sons of masters. The wagon trains of Virginia militia in building an all-weather road across the Allegheny Mountains surely included at least a thousand young Black men digging, sweating and hoping for liberty, ... but liberation of women, Black, White or Red was another matter!

Women, both Black, White and Native American were morally, legally and socially obliged to give in and often until they literally died from child-births.  In their greatest moments of conquest, as in the game of bridge, men of means partnered with the English crown in exploiting new lands, ... tended to love many women they had beneath them even before John Smith's affair with had Pocahontas.

The scholarly disposition of lust in human behavior is almost amusing excepting the realities of chattel slavery and methods by which women were bound and bonded by men with the means to do so in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries spanning some ten generations of human procreation. 

African-Americans are often very surprised when discovering their DNA to include links to East Asian sources; ... not realizing that Native Americans have DNA links to East Asia dating back more than ten thousand years ago, a short time in DNA sequences.  Many so-called White Americans have also been "born again" and not know their full DNA trail of both joy and tears by African, Asians and European heritage.  

James (Jeams) HILL (AFN: 21QB-SXP)
Sex: M

Birth:  Abt. 1620 
Death:  9 Jan 1677/78 
  Nansemond County, Virginia 
Burial:  10 Jan 1677/78 
  Nansemond County, Virginia 


 Spouse: Elizabeth (HILL) (AFN: 21QB-SZW)  
 Marriage: Abt. 1646

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