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Jamey Hemings, born 1787
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Mary Lee Brady, Ph.D.










Jamey Hemings, born 1787 was the son of a White father (believed to have been one of the Carr brothers) and Critta Hemings who was a daughter to John Wayles a White father and Betty Hemings a half - white mother via a White Father and Black mother.  By all accounts available from other ex-slaves in similar circumstances, ... by age 17 years in 1804 after Thomas Jefferson became President of the United States, he was White enough to emancipate himself via escape by simply moving about as a free White man. 


The realities of any slave society in human history has been that owners have had both the rights and opportunities to partake of any product owned including women, ... whether or not such was based on affection or simply lust.  The result in Greece, Rome, Aksum, England, France or the Caribbean and Americas was the generation of millions of people over the centuries who had natural features and temperament of their parents.

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