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Joseph Adkins, born abt 1700
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Mary Lee Brady, Ph.D.

William Adkins, born abt.1720
Joseph Adkins, born abt.1723
Jacob Adkins, born abt.1725
Sherwood Adkins, born abt.1728









Joseph Adkins was born in the newly formed Goochland County wherein would later find Welsh immigrant slave plantation owners such as the father of Thomas Jefferson and John Wayles the father of Sally Hemings.   

Husband's Name
Born: Abt 1700Place: Of Goochland, Va
Married: Abt 1730Place:  
Father: Robert ADKINS (AFN:1L3T-KDF)
 Mother: Helena PARKER (AFN:1L3T-KSW)

Wife's Name
Born: Abt 1715Place: <Of Goochland, , Va>
Married: Abt 1730Place:  
Father: William DAVIDSON (AFN:1L49-H7X)
 Mother: Hannah WARINGTON (AFN:1L49-H85)


 1. Sex Name 
  MWilliam ADKINS (AFN:HP86-FT)
  Born: Abt 1730 Place: , Henrico, Va
  Died: 1754/1774 Place: , Goochland, Va

It is reasonable to assume that William Adkins as the third generation of Adkins in the new world of Virginia was likely the beneficiary in land and slaves that expanded to include importing and breeding more slaves such as Anaka and Fannie who are the subjects we seek to identify and find.


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