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Kirkland Slaves
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Kirkland Slaves


Rose Hill Plantation

Location: on Combahee River; Colleton Co., SC
Constructed: ----

History: ----

Associated Surnames: Kirkland

Associated Free White Names

  • William L. Kirkland: owner

Associated Black Slave Names

1860: Slaves of William Kirkland
From 1860 Slave Schedule, Extracted by Tom Blake

  • KIRKLAND, William, 96 slaves, St. Bartholomew's, page 45

1863: Slaves of William L. Kirkland
Names of negroes captured by Union troops, June 2, 1863. Listed as transcribed at http://www.geocities.com/frankoclark/civwar/ColletonDistLosses.html

  • 1. Ben, Chloe, Rabbit, October, Loly, Rose, _se, Pleasant, Paul, Margaret,
  • 2. Bush, Amy, Minna, Will, Billy, James, Clarinda, Hucky(?), Arthur, Maria,
  • 3.infant, 1. Thomas, 2. Thomas, Daphne, Elsy, infant, Billy Delia, child,
  • 4.Caroline, infant, Whit, Bonen(?), Lavinia, Julia, Judy, Rhody, Ned, ______,
  • 5.Charles, Dick, Janus, Litas/Litus, Jack, Louisa, Martha, Virginia, Moses,
  • 6.Andrew, Watkins, Charlotte, Carolina, Phillis, Pussy, Maria, Hannah, Jane,
  • 7.Fanny, Molly, Bud, infant, Lenah, Diannah, Flora, child, Flora, Sarah,
  • 8.Phoebe, Lin, Jose, Tim, Maria, infant Phoebe, Lon___, Sammy, Dorcus, Ellen,
  • 9.Stephen, infant, John
  • "The value of the above named negroes $64,000"


  • Rice

Description of Associated Architecture

All of the following buildings were listed as W.L. Kirkland's property destroyed/ captured by Union troops on June 2, 1863

  • Dwelling House and furniture: valued at $14,000.00 in 1863
  • Threshing Mill: valued at $7,000.00 in 1863
  • Stable and Carraige House: valued at $400.00 in 1863
  • Mule Stable: valued at $500.00 in 1863
  • Foder and Winnowing House: valued at $500.00 in 1863
  • Overseer's House: valued at $1,200.00 in 1863


  • Combahee River


  • Colleton Co. , South Carolina: Largest Slaveholders From 1860 Slave Census Schedules, Transcribed by Tom Blake http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~ajac/sccolleton.htm
  • The Civil War in South Carolina: Property Losses of Record, Colleton District http://www.geocities.com/frankoclark/civwar/ColletonDistLosses.html

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