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Lee Adkins, born abt 1858
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Mary Lee Brady, Ph.D.










Lee Adkins was one of brothers, cousins, uncles and fathers whose courage underground found work and payment where skin color mattered less and the lesser men above ground failed to tread.  Miners, both Black and White, were unique above all else in the classical virtue of courage, and the attributes of stamina not given to average men.   

Dating back to at least the 1730s when immigrant French Huguenots began mining coal in the vicinity of modern day Richmond, ... the courage and energy of enslaved Black men and boys was used to mine coal for the energy and comfort of White men, women and children above ground.

To get the enslaved men to undertake the dangerous work wherein many limbs and lives were lost, ... mine owners offered financial incentives to both the slave owners and slave workers often leased from cash poor owners of themselves and their kinfolks.


 Name RelationMarital StatusGenderRaceAgeBirthplaceOccupationFather's BirthplaceMother's Birthplace
 Lee ADKINS  Self  S  Male  B  22  VA  Works In Mines  VA  VA 
 Powell PRICE  Other  S  Male  B  20  VA  Works In Mines  VA  VA 
 William HALE  Other  S  Male  MU  21  VA  Works In Mines  VA  VA 
 David WHITE  Other  S  Male  B  21  VA  Works In Mines  VA  VA 
 Minor WRIGHT  Other  S  Male  MU  18  VA  Works In Mines  VA  VA 
 Harvey HUGHES  Other  S  Male  MU  19  VA  Works In Mines  VA  VA 
 Simon JOHNSON  Other  S  Male  B  19  VA  Works In Mines  VA  VA 

Source Information:
 Census PlacePigg River, Pittsylvania, Virginia
 Family History Library Film  1255385
 NA Film Number  T9-1385
 Page Number  250D      


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