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Luther Adkins/Atkins, born abt 1879
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Mary Lee Brady, Ph.D.

Edgar Frog Kyle Adkins, born abt 1898
Evelyn Frog Kyle Atkins, born abt.1901
William Thomas Frog Kyle Atkins, born 1906
Nannie Frog Kyle Adkins, born abt 1908
Adeline Frog Kyle Atkins, born abt 1910
Julia Frog Kyle Atkins, born abt 1912
Robert Henry Frog Kyle Atkins, born abt 1914
Luther Martin Frog Kyle Atkins, born abt 1916









Julia Frog Kyle, born abt 1878

Luther Adkins/Atkins married Julia Frog Kyle; and was born in Sussex Virginia and grew up in Franklin County wherein he entered the coal mines therein at a very early age, ... likely 12 to 13 years old in a family heritage of miners dating to the era of slavery wherein most mine owners relied upon slave labor for such risky and strenuous endeavors. Luther was wiry and strong distinguished by reddish hair and temperament to overcome fear above and below ground.   

As a boy in Franklin County, he learned from his uncles and other family members how to grow corn and hogs for slaughter, butchering, seasoning and sale in markets like Roanoke.  He also mastered the knowledge to make premium corn whiskey in addition to brewing beer, wine and other alcoholic beverages for home use but never for sale.

His reasoning was clear headed in that Franklin County was the moonshine capital of Virginia and people who made and sold whiskey for a living were almost immediately subject to the competition, envy, resentment and legal complications of it.  Bootleggers, sheriffs, deputies, constables, and others involved almost assured going to jail or getting killed for price of making money outside the coal mines.  He and his brothers decided that being a coal miner was better and safer than making whiskey for money. 

His first born daughter Evelyn (Sister) would fall in love and marry Asa Jackson a moonshiner who despite his good contacts and excellent whiskey was compelled to spend periodic 30 day sentences in jail and constantly worry about raiders finding and stealing his whiskey stashed in various places on the mountainside near the Salem homestead.

For most of his life, Luther Atkins worked in various coal mines of western Virginia and West Virginia in the lucrative Allegheny Mountain chain of roads, highways and railways stretching north to south and east to west. 

                         Southwestern Virginia and Southern West VirginiaCoal Mines

Mine Main Entrance - Gary West Virginia - 1908

We know for certain  Luther Adkins/Atkins and Lucy Adkins/Atkins were first cousins raised up in Franklin County, Virginia household. 

Granville Adkins, born abt 1837

Both would later relocate to Roanoke-Salem, Virginia wherein Lucy married and became Lucy Cobb/Cobbs while Luther married Julia Kile/Kyle the daughter of Charles and Adeline Frog Kile/Kyle;

Julia Frog Kyle

and, fathered daughters Evelyn, Adeline, Nannie and Julia and sons Edgar, William Thomas Atkins (born 1906), Luther Martin Atkins and Robert Kyle Atkins. 


Mine Main Entrance - Gary West Virginia - 1908

Man digging coal by machinery - Brown Mine - West Virginia - 1908

Laura Mine - Red Star - West Virginia - 1908

Drivers and Mules - Gary West Virginia - 1908

Drift Mouth - San Lick Mine - Grafton - West Virginia

Boy braking on motor train - Gary West Virginia - 1908

A Tipple - Gaston Mine - Fairmont - West Virginia - 1908

A Driver - Coal Mine - West Virginia - 1908

 Name RelationMarital StatusGenderRaceAgeBirthplaceOccupationFather's BirthplaceMother's Birthplace
 Joe ADKINS  Self  M  Male  B  38  VA  Farmer  VA  VA 
 Indianna ADKINS  Wife  M  Female  B  32  VA  Keeping House  VA  VA 
 Susan ADKINS  Dau  S  Female  B  13  VA    VA  VA 
 Ella ADKINS  Dau  S  Female  B  12  VA    VA  VA 
 Robert ADKINS  Son  S  Male  B  10  VA    VA  VA 
 William ADKINS  Son  S  Male  B  7  VA    VA  VA 
 Catharine ADKINS  Dau  S  Female  B  3  VA    VA  VA 
 Luther ADKINS  Son  S  Male  B  1  VA    VA  VA 

Source Information:

 Census PlaceSussex Court House, Sussex, Virginia
 Family History Library Film  1255392
 NA Film Number  T9-1392
 Page Number  151B      

Lucy Adkins

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