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Ohio Roll of Honor
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                                                     175th Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry

Roll of Honor

Thomas E. Hemings, a private in the Union Army was enlisted as a White man, served honorably and died on January 1, 1865 we assume from wounds suffered during December 1864 in the Battle of Nashville.  And, because he died before war's end and without a wife or children to mourn him as is so often the case in war, ... there was little known or remembered excepting perhaps by parents like Beverly, Madison, Eston and their sister Harriette.  But, the pain evaporated when the parents died and memories of men like Thomas E. Hemings did also.  Such is the reality of wars and memories of wars.  Except for government records and archives worth viewing, we should never have known that our freedoms and liberties were paid for by young men like Thomas E. Hemings we never knew.


Equally significant for youth generations to know is that throughout the Union states prior to and during the war were an unknown but significant percentage of offspring of mixed heritage who enlisted as Whites and men of color in the Union cause.  It is speculative as to why any man offers up his liberty and life for a cause but for certain that many young men did and we have the liberty to speculate that thousands of young men like Thomas Eston Hemings made the choice to not only vote for Abraham Lincoln but also answer his call to arms in honor of what most held most dear, ... their sense of self.

The institution of slavery as existed in America was a constant threat to free men of color and those passing for White.   Few had any doubt they could be kidnapped in states like Ohio and Pennsylvania, carried down river into Virginia or another slave holding state and sold into bondage.  It was a common occurrence and the laws of the land were more efficient in capturing run-away slaves living in free states than it was in rescue and return of liberty to freemen, women and children illegally captured by so-called bounty hunters. 

Allison, SamuelKPvtMar 14, 1865Murfreesboro, TN
Argo, JamesBPvtMar 04, 1865Sinking Springs, OH
Badgly, BentonGPvtApr 27, 1865On Steamer Sultana
Baird, Smith H.DPvtFeb 21, 1865Marietta, GA
Barnes, EdwardFMusApr 27, 1865On Steamer Sultana
Barnett, AlvertusKPvtMar 21, 1865Nashville, TN
Barrere, WilliamG2 LtApr 27, 1865On Steamer Sultana
Bayne, JamesDPvtApr 27, 1865On Steamer Sultana
Beekman, Allen H.HPvtNov 30, 1864Murfreesboro, TN
Beekman, RhunyHPvtDec 24, 1864New Albany, IN
Beekman, William D.BCplFeb 15, 1865Cornith, MS
Bercaw, NormanGPvtApr 27, 1865On Steamer Sultana
Bobb, IsaacBPvtMay 18, 1865Chalmette, LA
Bogan, WilliamAPvtNov 30, 1864Murfreesboro, TN
Boroughs, JamesGPvtApr 14, 1865Vicksburg, MS
Boyd, George W.GPvtApr 27, 1865On Steamer Sultana
Brace, WilliamFPvtMar 04, 1865Murfreesboro, TN
Carr, WilliamKPvtFeb 06, 1865Murfreesboro, TN
Carrol, WilliamDPvtApr 27, 1865On Steamer Sultana
Chaney, Henry O.BPvtOct 08, 1864Camp Dennison, OH
Coker, DavidKPvtJan 25, 1865New Albany, IN
Cole, Warren E.EPvtMar 13, 1865Murfreesboro, TN
Congleton, WilliamKPvtApr 23, 1865Murfreesboro, TN
Conover, JamesFSgtFeb 17, 1865Medina, AL
Conover, SommersBPvtJan 19, 1865Andersonville, GA
Cordery, William H.APvtMar 23, 1865Nashville, TN
Covey, MorganKPvtMay 21, 1865Murfreesboro, TN
Cowman, Henry W.CPvtJan 24, 1865New Albany, IN
Crabtree, WilliamDPvtNov 30, 1864Murfreesboro, TN
Crosson, EdwardGPvtMay 01, 1865St. Louis, MO
Cuthbert, RalphKCplMay 11, 1865Murfreesboro, TN
Cutshaw, ShannonKPvtMar 28, 1865Nashville, TN
Deniston, John D.G1 SgtOct 18, 1864Cincinnati, OH
Dennis, William H.IPvtDec 17, 1864New Albany, IN
Dillinger, ThomasDPvtJan 19, 1865New Albany, IN
Dixon, Thomas J.DPvtApr 18, 1865St. Louis, MO
Dumford, DanielHPvtDec 20, 1864Nashville, TN
Earhart, William D.BPvtMar 31, 1865Vicksburg, MS
Easter, CareyGPvtMar 20, 1865Marietta, GA
Easton, George O.CMusDec 31, 1864Covington, KY
Elliot, ThomasA1 SgtNov 30, 1864Murfreesboro, TN
Erskine, Enoch P.BMusFeb 16, 1865 
Farmer, EliEPvtJan 21, 1865Camp Dennison, OH
Fite, Samuel W.BPvtApr 06, 1865Mound City, IL
Foulk, JacobBPvtNov 30, 1864Murfreesboro, TN
Frump, JoelBPvtMar 30, 1865Mississippi
Gibson, Hugh A.ASgtJan 07, 1865St. Louis, MO
Gillespie, CorneliusKPvtJan 24, 1865Nashville, TN
Girton, WilliamCPvtDec 06, 1864Nashville, TN
Gray, Thomas J.EPvtApr 27, 1865On Steamer Sultana
Greely, MorrisGPvtFeb , 1865Marietta, GA
Guthridge, MartinGCplFeb 06, 1865Murfreesboro, TN
Hahn, PhilipCPvtDec 14, 1864Camp Dennison, OH
Hall, John B.APvtMar 07, 1865New Albany, IN
Hanson, SamuelDPvtApr 18, 1865St. Louis, MO
Hare, DanielDPvtOct 30, 1864Nashville, TN
Hatch, HiramEPvtMar 31, 1865Vicksburg, MS
Hayes, Bailey P.DPvtNov 30, 1864Murfreesboro, TN
Hemmings, ThomasEPvtJan 01, 1865Meridian, MS
Hendrixon, George W.EPvtApr 27, 1865On Steamer Sultana
Hensel, JosiahHPvtMar 14, 1865Murfreesboro, TN
Hiser, Daniel F.APvtApr 07, 1865Vicksburg, MS
Holmes, Samuel A.DPvtApr 27, 1865On Steamer Sultana
Hopkins, JohnFPvtNov 30, 1864Murfreesboro, TN
Howland, SamuelGCplFeb 22, 1865Murfreesboro, TN
Howland, William O.GPvtApr 01, 1865Murfreesboro, TN
Hudson, JamesGPvtApr 27, 1865On Steamer Sultana
Jennings, Israel F.DPvtJan 25, 1865Nashville, TN
Keplinge, Isaac W.HPvtMar 26, 1865Murfreesboro, TN
Kibler, IsaacFPvtNov 09, 1864Murfreesboro, TN
Kimmell, DavidIPvtApr 05, 1865Murfreesboro, TN
Kimmell, WilliamIPvtMar 07, 1865Murfreesboro, TN
Kridler, Andrew J.ICplDec 31, 1864Nashville, TN
Little, WilliamDPvtApr 07, 1865Andersonville, GA
Logan, Wilson B.DCaptNov 30, 1864Murfreesboro, TN
Loper, George W.IPvtNov 20, 1864Murfreesboro, TN
McBerney, JamesKSgtFeb 09, 1865Murfreesboro, TN
McCandless, Samuel D.KPvtFeb 01, 1865New Albany, IN
McCollum, Joseph B.ACplFeb 11, 1865Murfreesboro, TN
McCoy, William A.APvtNov 30, 1864Murfreesboro, TN
McCoy, William H.FPvtApr 27, 1865On Steamer Sultana
Mackinson, Thomas H.KPvtDec 31, 1864New Albany, IN
Madigan, JamesDPvtMar 01, 1865Nashville, TN
Matthews, James H.FCplMar 11, 1865Murfreesboro, TN
Meeker, TimothyEPvtApr 27, 1865On Steamer Sultana
Meredith, Charles H.BPvtOct 19, 1864Highland County, OH
Miller, Daniel M.FPvtMay 03, 1865Murfreesboro, TN
Moore, JohnDPvtApr 11, 1865Nashville, TN
Moore, JohnEPvtMar 03, 1865Marietta, GA
Morris, StacyGPvtApr 27, 1865On Steamer Sultana
Morrow, WilliamGPvtJan 31, 1865Murfreesboro, TN
Myers, William H.KPvtDec 31, 1864Nashville, TN
Myers, William O.DPvtApr 27, 1865On Steamer Sultana
Osborn, John M.FPvtDec 30, 1864Nashville, TN
Pancoast, TimothyDCplJan 03, 1865Meridian, MS
Paul, William W.DPvtOct 20, 1864Camp Dennison, OH
Peabody, John J.BPvtJan 13, 1865Nashville, TN
Quigley, WesleyDCplJan 17, 1865Camp Dennison, OH
Raines, JoabAPvtNov 24, 1864Murfreesboro, TN
Reed, Francis M.BSgtOct 24, 1864Nashville, TN
Reed, JamesDPvtApr 18, 1865Vicksburg, MS
Rice, AsherISgtNov 30, 1864Murfreesboro, TN
Rice, Martin L.APvtApr 27, 1865On Steamer Sultana
Richwond, WilliamDPvtApr 27, 1865On Steamer Sultana
Rosenberry, John H.KPvtMar 02, 1865Murfreesboro, TN
Rumney, John B.APvtNov 11, 1865Murfreesboro, TN
Seaton, HenryFPvtDec 13, 1865Nashville, TN
Settles, BennettAPvtNov 30, 1864Murfreesboro, TN
Shank, James H.GPvtJan 21, 1865Marietta, GA
Shelton, WilliamDPvtApr 27, 1865On Steamer Sultana
Sidles, IsraelGPvtMar 03, 1865Marietta, GA
Sigling, MichaelHPvtApr 06, 1865Nashville, TN
Slagle, Jacob R.BPvtMar 04, 1865Marietta, GA
Smith, HenryIPvtApr 27, 1865On Steamer Sultana
Smith, SylvesterFPvtJun 17, 1865New Albany, IN
Smith, WilliamDPvtMar 30, 1865Marietta, GA
Sroufe, Joseph C.DPvtJul 27, 1865St. Louis, MO
Staton, George W.EPvtApr 27, 1865On Steamer Sultana
Taylor, RichardKPvtMay 29, 1865Camp Dennison, OH
Tener, JosephBSgtJan , 1865Marietta, GA
Timmons, OthelloDPvtMay 04, 1865St. Louis, MO
Trovillo, Paul J.CCplJan 23, 1865Camp Dennison, OH
Van Eman, Matthew T.GSgtApr 27, 1865On Steamer Sultana
Vigor, John H.DPvtOct 16, 1864Cincinnati, OH
Wallace, James H.DPvtNov 30, 1864Murfreesboro, TN
Washburn, Elisha P.BPvtJan 01, 1865Cornith, MS
Williams, John A.GPvtJun 25, 1865Murfreesboro, TN
Wrestler, JohnEPvtApr 02, 1865Vicksburg, MS
Wright, Samuel W.GSgtDec 04, 1864Nashville, TN



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