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African-American Mother of Anaka, born abt 1740
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Mary Lee Brady, Ph.D.

Annaka of Sussex County, born abt 1760









It is a certainty that Anaka/Annaka had a mother and we dare to assume born some 15 to 20 years before giving birth to her.  Perhaps a better approach to identifying origin of Anaka/Annaka would be to link her name to its common origin among the Hausa-Fulani kingdoms of West Africa.  Who uses the name today in naming their daughters?

PBS Narrative --- on the slave trade

Aggressive Anglophile migrants kept excellent property records of  taxable land, produce and slave holdings, and from available records we catch a glimpse of an African born woman with the name of Anaka (speculated to have been born around 1765), and her likely  daughter with the Anglophile name of Fannie (speculated to have been born around 1780)

The conclusion is here is that Anaka is clearly an African origin name coupled with Fannie as a common name in the Anglophile cultures of America suggesting she born therein. In the slave owner cultures of the 18th and 19th centuries, both mother and daughter would have been classified as valuable breeding stock deemed necessary to breed more slaves fathered by Black, Mulatto or White men depending upon the desired outcome. 

The bargaining and considerations for breeding slaves and thus property values was not anything unlike what exists now and and in the past for breeding horses, dogs and even cats.  Fertile slave women were also valuable as sources of mother's milk for newborn White children and thus freeing their would-be/wanabe aristocratic mistress mothers from the often unpleasant burden of nursing.   


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