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Unknown Child #2
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Mary Lee Brady, Ph.D.










At least a second unknown child by the mother of Betty Hemings was also likely conceived and born around 1750-1751.  It is quite likely she had her own slave cabin as the body servant to Martha Eppes Wayles until 1748 and thereafter as wet-nurse to infant Martha Wayles, ... Jefferson's future wife. 

Answering to the name "Susanna" we wonder indeed did this woman who had given birth for the profit of others ever have a love of her own or did she seek to find it among other slaves and the lust of departed lovers like Captain Hemings.  Indeed, did she have any children born of love between a man and woman in the natural course of human affairs?  Or was she like so many millions of African-Americans then and now sexually engaged in a system of plantation style welfare wherein benefits and privileges flowed from sexual promiscuity?

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