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William Carter, born abt 1773
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Mary Lee Brady, Ph.D.

Lucy Carter, born abt 1802
Elizabeth Carter, born abt 1804
Sarah Carter, born abt 1806
Julia Ann Carter, born abt 1808
William Price Carter, born abt 1810
James M Carter, born abt 1813
Harriet Carter, born abt 1820









Carters of Bedford County Virginia

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Husband's Name
William CARTER (AFN:16J8-0S5)
Born: 1773Place: Of, Albemarle, Virginia
Died: 1851Place: , Bedford, Va
Married: 25 Sep 1799Place: , Rutherford, Nc
Father: Edward Hill CARTER (AFN:M9T1-PL)
 Mother: Sarah CHAMPE (AFN:M9T1-S4)

Wife's Name
Mary PRICE (AFN:16J8-0TC)
Born: Abt 1775Place: , , Va
Married: 25 Sep 1799Place: , Rutherford, Nc


 1. Sex Name 
  FLucy CARTER (AFN:16J8-0VK)
  Born: Abt. 1802 Place: , Bedford, Va

 2. Sex Name 
  FSarah CARTER (AFN:16J8-0X0)
  Born: Abt. 1806 Place: , Bedford, Va

 3. Sex Name 
  FJulia Ann CARTER (AFN:16J8-0Z6)
  Born: Abt. 1808 Place: , Bedford, Va

 4. Sex Name 
  MWilliam Price CARTER (AFN:16J8-10C)
  Born: Abt 1810 Place: , Bedford, Va

 5. Sex Name 
  MJames M CARTER (AFN:16J8-34J)
  Born: Abt 1813 Place: , Bedford, Va

 6. Sex Name 
  FElizabeth CARTER (AFN:16J8-0WR)
  Born: 14 Nov 1804 Place: , Bedford, Va


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