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Letitia Hemings Monroe, born abt 1806
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Mary Lee Brady, Ph.D.

James Hemings Monroe Trotter, born abt 1842
Charles Hemings Trotter









Letitia Hemings Monroe, born abt 1820 is a defined but unknown link in our research speculation that she was descended from the Hemings, particularly Thenia.  The reported fact that she ran away with her children to Cincinnati, Ohio from slave-owner Richard S. Trotter in Mississippi indicates kinship existed between her and saviors in Ohio wherein lived Madison Hemings' Uncle John Hemings and his offspring.

Excepting perhaps in a Hollywood movie, ... women, even White ones, then or now do not undertake a hazardous journey such as escaping from Mississippi unless believing they were going to a better time and place.  It is possible but more likely the Underground Railway that embraced her included relatives who knew of her existence, ... and perhaps worked or arranged for passage on one of the hundreds of steamboats going up and down the Mississippi River using many thousands of Black men to shovel coal into the steam engines and provide other labor intensive services including the loading and unloading of cargo. 


Family Group RecordFamilySearch™ Ancestral File v4.19
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Husband's Name
Richard S TROTTER (AFN:L9XP-5V)  
Born: Abt. 1816Place: <Grand Gulf, Vicksburg, Mississippi> 
Died:  Place: Vicksburg, Mississippi 

Wife's Name
Letitia (AFN:L9XP-62)  
Born: Abt. 1820Place: <Grand Gulf, Vicksburg, Mississippi> 


 1. Sex Name  
  MJames Monroe TROTTER (AFN:L9XP-77)  
  Born: 1842 Place: Grand Gulf, Vicksburg, Mississippi  
  Died: 1912 Place:   

It would not be surprising to learn that slave owner Richard S. Trotter himself had some or a lot of Native American and African ancestry, ... acquired as the new nation pushed ever westward acquiring lands and making more babies born to be slave or free. 

Family Group RecordFamilySearch™ Ancestral File v4.19
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Husband's Name
James Monroe TROTTER (AFN:L9XP-77)  
Born: 1842Place: Grand Gulf, Vicksburg, Mississippi 
Died: 1912Place:   
Married: 1868Place: Chillicothe, Ohio 
Father: Richard S TROTTER (AFN:L9XP-5V)  
 Mother: Letitia (AFN:L9XP-62)  

Wife's Name
Virginia ISAACS (AFN:L9XP-16)  
Born: 1843Place: <Charlottesville, Virginia> 
Married: 1868Place: Chillicothe, Ohio 
Father: Tucker ISAACS (AFN:L9XN-M5)  
 Mother: Ann Elizabeth FOSSETT (AFN:L9XN-NB)  


 1. Sex Name  
  MWilliam Monroe TROTTER (AFN:L9XP-8D)  
  Born: 1872 Place: Chillicothe, Ohio  
  Died: 7 Apr 1934 Place: Boston, Massachusetts  

 2. Sex Name  
  FMaude TROTTER (AFN:L9XP-3J)  
  Born: 1874 Place: Chillicothe, Ohio  

 3. Sex Name  
  FBessie TROTTER (AFN:L9XP-4P)  
  Born: 1883 Place: Chillicothe, Ohio

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