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Anon Hemings Monroe, born abt 1786
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Mary Lee Brady, Ph.D.

Letitia Hemings Monroe, born abt 1806









Thomas Jefferson's Farmbook page 42 offers the only insight we have as to the name of "Anon" as Thenia's child referenced in her sale to James Monroe in 1794.  So far as we can determine, Thenia did not have any other children on date of sale.  We thus assume that if any other offspring were generated such did not occur in the State of Virginia and leads us closer to identifying the Hemings offspring born or living in the State of Mississippi, possibly resold or transferred there via Missouri.

If the child "Anon" inserted below the name of Martin, Doll and Thenia listed above was born and living away from Jefferson's plantations, ... it helps explain the nature of his notation in otherwise clear records of slave holdings.  Any child of Thenia's born during her lease to James Monroe would have been his property to account for and thereafter outright sell to James Monroe would have included her so-called "issue whether male or female." 

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