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Thomas Claytor, birth abt. 1670
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Mary Lee Brady, Ph.D.

Thomas Claytor, born abt 1700









Thomas Claytor, birth abt 1670 was 17 years of age when the alleged slave plot occurred confirming the presence of a sizeable number of enslaved Africans in Westmoreland County. And, he quite likely was compelled to join or be conscripted into militia due to perceived threats by slaves and/or Native Americans.

He reportedly died in year 1718 which would have been 38 years before birth of William Lee, born abt 1756 to an unknown mother. 

                                    Westmoreland Slave Plot (1687)

Thomas CLAYTOR Compact Disc #121 Pin #803637 (AFN: GBKH-RX)Pedigree
Sex: M

 Birth:   abt 1670
  ,Westmoreland, Virginia,USA 
 Death:  Sep 1718
  Westmoreland, Westmoreland, Virginia, USA 
  Westmoreland, Westmoreland, Virginia, USA 

 Father: William CLAYTOR Disc #121 Pin #804908  

 Spouse: Katherine Disc #121 Pin #803638 
 Marriage: abt 1697 
  , Westmoreland, Virginia 

Notes and Sources
 Notes: None  
 Sources: Available on CD-ROM Disc# 121  

 James Arlan CHANTRILL
221 Idaho Lovell, Wyoming 82431

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