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Kansas Lee, born 1846
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Mary Lee Brady, Ph.D.










Kansas Lee was born free in 1846 because her mother Nancy was born free in 1825 resulting from freedom granted to her mother Rose Lee (Carter) in 1806 by Robert Carter III.

The birth place and father of Kansas Lee, while uncertain, has prompted us to believe her father was likely Thomas Findley who had a long-term relationship with Nancy in and around Richmond, Virginia.  Our reasoning is that birth of Kansas occurred during a period following her mother Nancy's relocation from the Chesterfield County/Richmond area for indentured service to the family of Robert E. Lee with a new born daughter Mildred Lee who was nursed by Nancy.

Kansas Lee, daughter of Nancy Lee Banister, married her distant cousin Jackson Lee and they lived in Patrick, Virginia with his grand-father Lott Lee, born abt 1799. 

Jackson Lee, born abt 1840

Mary J Lee, born 1867

George E Lee, born 1868

Name:Jackson Lee
Age in 1870:30
Birth Year:abt 1840
Home in 1870:Smith River, Patrick, Virginia
Post Office:Elamsville
Value of real estate:View image
Household Members:
Jackson Lee 30
Kansas A Lee 24
Mary J Lee 3
George E Lee 2
Daniel West 21
Lucinda West 20
Arther West 14
Ruth West 12


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