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Examples of Tobias Lear's slave breeding-trading accounting:

1.     William was an "old body servant" at the time Washington wrote his will several months before the great man's death in 1799.  Mind you, William was not more than 45 years of age, a hardened hard-riding veteran like GW, and though lame would not have been considered old.  It is very much speculation that he was ever physically absent from surroundings of the Mansion House, brother Frank, and George Washington.       

2.    Washington's body servant after William Lee was injured may indeed have been Christopher Shields but, it is not likely that it was he portrayed in the Washington family portrait but that of William Lee.  Our reasoning is that if Washington had included his body servant, Martha would have had her body servant as would the Nanny of the children been so included.  It is our considered opinion that Washington wanted William Lee in the portrait he commissioned because William was a loyal servant with him in days of his triumph over adversities. 

The life and heritage of William Lee and his brother Frank Lee are excellent examples as to how and why scholars of the past and present so often deliberately denigrate or distort the generation of goodness by people of African heritage,

... often in the name of scholarship.  So, we rebel again!

Slave lists compiled by George Washington in 1786 listed William Lee as lame and working as a shoemaker at Mount Vernon, following injuries suffered to his knees during the war and afterwards.  His wife Margaret Thomas, a free colored woman in the Philadelphia area  during the war, ... had apparently divorced him. The second and final list compiled in 1799, six months before Washington's death validates that William Lee had obtained Aggy (Agnes) as a wife (likely around 1786-1787 after Washington left him at Mount Vernon to recuperate)

Proofs are to be found in the free colored registrations in Alexandria, Fairfax and various counties during approximately 30 years following the deaths of George Washington and Martha Washington, in addition to the documented histories of various offspring generations of Frank Lee and William Lee.

First NameLast NameAgesRelationLocationOwner
AggyLeeEst. 35 years at time of GW 1799 will, & gave birth to 1st child Sinah by William est. 1786-1787, last child Joanna est. 1804.  Husband, William Lee sometime during or after 1786 & his return to Mount Vernon.MansionGW nuptial  gift to Martha and freed after her death in 1803; but not until 1824 per Fairfax Co. records
WilliamLeeEst. 49 years at time of GW 1799 will. The will of 1786 list him as a shoemaker and lame.Wife, Aggy Lee per GW 1799 will. The 1st will of 1786 list him as not having a wife.MansionGeorge Washington offered freedom to William upon death in 1799, but William apparently declined to remain with Aggie.
Joe  ? Wife, SallMansionGeorge Washington
MikeLee Son of Lucy LeeMansionGeorge Washington
SinahLee Daughter of Aggy Lee, est. age 13-14 years at time of GW 1799 willMansionSold in 1802 to Charles Thomas, Sinah's free colored husband: sold her to James Kenner who sold her to Libby & Came

who freed her on 10/8/1814

MimaWagoner Husband, Godfrey WagonerMansionMartha Washington Dower
FrankLeeDied Before 1799. Est age as older than William perhaps younger than wife Lucy.Husband to LucyMansionGeorge Washington
Lucy LeeAged 55 in 1799Widow, Frank Lee, apparently believed herself free per will of GW, and lived in D.C. or MD where she and daughter Grace were then recaptured for slavery in Virginia.  MansionGeorge Washington
GraceCarter12 yrs of age in 1799, and apparently  Juba Carter was leased from Tobias Lear to help generate offspring slaves for the slave market.Husband Juba Carter MansionTobias Lear
Letty  No HusbandMansionGeorge Washington
NancyLee No Husband, Daughter of AggyMansionGeorge Washington
Viner  No HusbandMansionGeorge Washington
Eve 17No HusbandMansionGeorge Washington
Delia 14No HusbandMansionGeorge Washington
CarolineLee Hardman Husband, Peter Hardman, Daughter of LucyMansionGeorge Washington
KittyCarpenter Husband, Isaac the CarpenterMansionGeorge Washington
Alce  Husband, Charles FreemanMansionGeorge Washington
Betty Davis  Husband, Dick ... ?MansionGeorge Washington
Dolshy  Husband, Joe  the CarpenterMansionGeorge Washington
Anna  Husband in George TownMansionGeorge Washington
Judy 21No HusbandMansionGeorge Washington
Delphy  No HusbandMansionGeorge Washington
Peter (lame)  No Wife MansionGeorge Washington
Alla  Husband, James CarterMansionDower
   Children, pre-puberty as of 1799 will  
Phil Lee Son to Lucy LeeMansionGeorge Washington
PattyLee Daughter to Lucy LeeMansionGeorge Washington
RachelLee12Daughter to Caroline LeeMansionGeorge Washington
JeminaLee9Daughter to Caroline LeeMansionGeorge Washington
LeantheLee8Daughter to Caroline LeeMansionGeorge Washington
PollyLee6Daughter to Caroline LeeMansionGeorge Washington
PeterLee4Son to Caroline LeeMansionGeorge Washington
Emery  Son to AlceMansionGW
Tom  Son to AlceMansionGW
Charles  Son to AlceMansionGW
Henriette  Daughter to AlceMansionGW
Barbara 10Daughter to KittyMansionGW
Levina 6Daughter to KittyMansionGW
Elvey  Daughter to CharlotteMansionGW
Jenny  Daughter to CharlotteMansionGW
Eliza  Daughter to CharlotteMansionGW
Nancy 9Daughter to Betty DavisMansionGW
Oney 6Daughter to Betty DavisMansionGW
Lucinda 2Daughter to Betty DavisMansionGW
Daniel 6Son to AnnaMansionGW
Anna 4Daughter to AnnaMansionGW
Sandy 1-1/2Son to AnnaMansionGW
Sucky 5Daughter to DolshyMansionGW
Dennis 2 mo.Son to DolshyMansionGW
John  Son to MimaMansionGW
Randolph  Son to MimaMansionGW
Nancy Lee Infant in 1799Daughter to Sinah LeeMansionDowr
Burwell Lee  Son to Lucy LeeMansionGW
Doll No Husband MansionGW
Jenny No Husband MansionGW
  Tradesmen &Crop Attendants  

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