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Spring Frog, born abt 1780
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Mary Lee Brady, Ph.D.

Sprung Frog, born abt 1800
Easter Frog, born abt 1810
Samson Frog, born abt 1810









Cherokee Generations

                    Cherokee Treaty of 1817

One of the Cherokee Chieftains signing the treaty in Arkansas during the period of July through December 1817, ... was Spring Frog representing tribal members who had relocated from Eastern Tennessee and Western Virginia to the new tribal lands. 

Our view and history confirms that not all Cherokee relocated from aforementioned states to west of the Mississippi River, and some like Easter Frog were left, ... evidenced by the census of 1835 reflecting that numerous Cherokee, such as Sprung Frog, (the presumed offspring of Spring Frog) still lived east of the Mississippi River. 

It is not unreasonable to assume that he may have sold or traded his daughter Easter to the Finney family, likely Norman who fathered children by her. 

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