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James Madison Hemings Jefferson, born 1849
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Mary Lee Brady, Ph.D.










James Madison Hemings, born in 1849 was named after his father Madison Hemings and possibly his mother's grand-father James McCoy, and had the same first name as his cousin James Hemings born in Richmond and causing our initial speculation they were one and the same James Hemings, ... but later concluding that Madison's son James did not serve in the Civil War, on either side. 

The war was in most respects one of not only brother against brother, ... but, also cousin against cousin, known and unknown, Black, Brown, Mulatto, Native American and certainly White, men and women.

There were some so-called "Black Confederates" who were employed and/or impressed into service of the confederacy in building of defensive breast-works and laboring in the armaments factories and mills. And, no doubt there would have been a sizeable number of young men and women among the rebels who had African ancestry and passing for White. 

We believe the two men listed below as having served in the Confederate forces were likely descendents of Robert Hemings and lived as Whites in and around Richmond, Virginia.  But, there is little doubt the cousins in Virginia knew the ones in Ohio, West Virginia and as far off as Mississippi where the Randolph brothers had established a plantation with slave labor brought from Virginia.

  Born: 1849 Place: Ohio  


 Hemings,James W.



23rd Battalion, Virginia Infantry


Hemings,William C.



23rd Battalion, Virginia Infantry


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