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Gilly Frog Finney Lee Hill, born abt 1845
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Mary Lee Brady, Ph.D.










Sprung Frog, born abt 1800        Grand-Father

Easter Frog, born abt 1810         Mother  

Norman Finney, born abt 1805   Father

Essex Finney, born abt 1843       Brother

William Lee, abt 1843                 1st Husband

William Hill, born abt 1840         2nd Husband  

We do not know for certain but have concluded that perhaps Norman Finney was likely  the father of Gilly Frog Finney Lee Hill at the time and place of her birth in the mountains around Roanoke, Virginia.

Gilly, born abt 1845 was the daughter of Easter Frog and Norman Finney, and apparently born a slave or indentured servant with Cherokee ancestry . 

She would have been around 17 years age when William Lee met her during a Union army raid into southwestern Virginia during June-August 1862.  Or the story told may be misleading and reality is that her precious event occurred after the war and with Union occupation forces during 1865-1876 that included William Hill stationed therein or perhaps William Lee who may have fathered Charley Lee Hill noted below:

Her first born child via William Hill apparently did not occur until 1868 which might have occurred because he did not return for her prior to his mustering out of the Army in Ohio around 1866 and then making his way back to Salem, Virginia. 

She gave birth in 1883 at age 37 to Charley Lee Hill indicting to us that she was likely no longer married to William Hill and his Charley's father was possibly William Lee, abt 1843 the son of Joanna Lee, born abt 1804 who was the daughter of William Lee, born abt 1756 and served in the American Revolutionary War and the Second American Revolution that generated personal liberty for his grand-children. 

Gillie is all the more fascinating because stories told by her grand-daughter Cora Lee Frog Finney Hill, born 1907 who knew her in the flesh (Gilly lived last years of life with her daughter Lily and son-in-law William Hill).  Cora told her son William Thomas Hill Atkins, born 1936 that Charles lived in the hills above Salem and encountered difficulties with the local law enforcement for whiskey making activities. 

That has encouraged our recall of tales about the Jackson and Lewis families that owned large tracts of land in the hills above Salem and used such to grow corn purchased by some neighbors to make whiskey. 

It is also possible the William Hill in census below was not our speculated William Hill from Ohio.  More research is required. 

                William Hill, born abt 1840

Household Record 1880 United States Census

 Name Marital StatusGenderAgeBirthplaceOccupation
 Wm. HILL  M  Male  40  VA  Farmer 
 Gilly HILL  M  Female  35  VA  Keeps House 
 Sisly HILL  S  Female  12  VA  Wks On Farm 
 Sonny HILL  S  Male  10  VA  Wks On Farm 
 George HILL  S  Male  10  VA  Wks On Farm 
 Minnie HILL  S  Female  8  VA   
 William HILL  S  Male  4  VA   
 Harriott HILL  S  Female  1  VA   

Source Information:
 Census PlaceDickensons, Franklin, Virginia
 Family History Library Film  1255366
 Page Number  250C      


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