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Norman Finney, born abt 1805
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Mary Lee Brady, Ph.D.

Ellen Frog, born abt 1822
Sallie Frog, born abt 1833
Samuel Frog Finney, born abt 1835
Essex Frog Finney, born abt 1843
Gilly Frog Finney Lee Hill, born abt 1845
George Frog Finney, born abt 1845
Lilly Frog Finney, born abt 1847
Adaline Frog Finney, born abt 1849
Sally Frog Finney, born abt 1849









Easter Frog, born abt 1810

Gilly Frog Finney, born abt 1845

Norman Finney was apparently the owner of Easter Frog likely sold by the Indian Chieftain Spring Frog to his family during years 1815 - 1817 when the Cherokee natives were being pushed westward from their lands in states stretching from Virginia to Georgia. A child like Easter, about 5 years age, would have been a burden for them in their great moves westward. 

Sprung Frog, born abt 1800

Norman FINNEY (AFN: R7FF-9X)
Sex: M

Birth:  1805
  , Roanoke Co, Virginia

Father: Alexander FINNEY (AFN: 14V2-0G5)
 Mother: Margaret CARTER (AFN: 14V2-0HC)

 Spouse: Jane FLOYD (AFN: R7FF-B4)
 Marriage: 1825
  , Bedford Co, Tennessee

Norman Finney is believed to have fathered his first child with Easter Frog when she was age 12 years, and he was age 17.  There is no evidence that children were born of his marriage in year 1825 to Jane Floyd in Tennessee; and the marriage was apparently childless and perhaps ended by year 1833 wherein the birth of Sallie Frog is a very considerable indication that he fathered additional children via Easter Frog in the Roanoke-Salem area.

The listing of free colored heads of household in the 1810 Virginia census listed Abraham Finney and Philip Finney living in Accomack County on Virginia's eastern shore, a long distance away from where Easter Frog's children were born.  It is possible but not probable that either were fathers of Easter's children. 

Finney, Abraham 8 p.94 Accomack County

Finney, Phillip 6 p.23 Accomack County

Finny, Abraham 5 p.23 Accomack County

So  far as we have determined Easter Frog was never listed in Virginia as a free head of household but all of her children were recorded as mulato in post-slavery census data.

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