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Mary Lee Brady, Ph.D.










Example of Missing Knowledge Links:  Booker Taliaferro Washington

Who were the bill payers in your rise up from the shackles of slavery and despair?  Which, if any of your ancestors, paid the ultimate price with their lives during the Civil War fought to set others free?  This much we know for certain:  many or perhaps most of the young men who served in the Civil War did not generate offspring but rather liberty for fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters and cousins to remember or forget them. Knowledge of them is a reminder that liberty is a blessing but has never been free for anyone, Black or White.

Existing records reflected below indicates that Shepherd Taliaferro was a relative to Booker T. Washington, possibly his father or mother's brother.  The unknown relatives and benefactors of Booker T. Washington who served and died in the Civil War that made emancipation possible by President Abraham Lincoln, ... proved with their lives that freedom was never free. 

The bill payers for the gift of emancipation were without doubt young men in the 17 to 25 year old age group, of which over 40,000 were killed and an additional 50,000 seriously wounded and unlikely to have fathered any offspring.  And, after defeat and surrender of confederate forces in 1865, the declared war ended but ex-confederate Major General Bedford Forrest organized the Ku Klux Klan to hunt down, kill and terrorize the former U.S. Colored Troops who dared reside in the former confederacy after the war.  Indeed, the bulk of early killings by Klan were African-American former soldiers and sailors who had helped defeat the rebels.

Yet, in the context of our faith, it was a sibling or cousin, perhaps the mother of Booker T. Washington, who was to generate the child who would devote his life to helping enlighten and educate the least of us.  We make these comments as the suggestion that such men as listed below did not die and suffer in vain?  If on the other hand, men and women of means to seek and understand do not care to know about their ancestry heritage beyond the fact of slavery, ... then such deaths were in vain within a society where the enlightened majority of citizens constantly commemorate their heritage. 

Shepherd Taliaferro apparently did not escape slavery to join the Union Army as indicated above. Yet, his kinship roots can be detected in his naming of a son "William Taliaferro."


























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