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Mary Lee Brady, Ph.D.

Charles Holmes, born abt 1840









We do not know how, when or where Americans of African and or Native American  heritage came into possession of the surname "Holmes."  Yet, we know the name originated in America by persons from somewhere other than America.  Herein this page is the challenge of joining reasoning to our faith that all were born, not made by irreverent circumstances.


The above link suggests that histories are non-existent for Holmes of African heritage, yet we know personally many are known to exist even in Virginia and other places like Massachusetts wherein many thousands of young men coming to America were seamen indentured in many tasks at land and sea. 


The above link is an excellent example as to a stories beginning is lost unless scholars begin with functional generations. 

Family Group RecordFamilySearch™ Ancestral File v4.19
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Husband's Name
Born: Abt 1612Place: England
Christened:  Place: Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma
Died: 13 Oct 1667Place:  
Married: 1635Place: Plymouth, Plymouth, Mass.

Wife's Name
Born: 1614Place: Of Plymouth, Plymouth, Mass., B. England
Died: 18 Oct 1650Place: Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma
Married: 1635Place: Plymouth, Plymouth, Mass.


 1. Sex Name 
  Born: Abt. 1645 Place: Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma

 2. Sex Name 
  MJohn HOLMES (AFN:CQ2J-55)
  Born: 1636 Place: Plymouth, Plymouth, Mssc
  Died: 31 Jul 1697 Place: Plymouth, Plymouth, Mssc
  Buried: 20 May 1676 Place: Dorchester, Norfolk, Massachusetts

 3. Sex Name 
  MNathaniel HOLMES (AFN:92DJ-M5)
  Born: 1643 Place: Of Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts
  Died: 27 Jul 1727 Place: Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts

 4. Sex Name 
  MJosiah HOLMES (AFN:1J2G-2HP)
  Born: 1638 Place: Plymouth, Plymouth, Mass.
  Died:  Place: Of Duxbury

 5. Sex Name 
  MJosiah HOLMES (AFN:8NRK-B3)
  Born: 1640 Place: Scituate, Plymouth, Mass.
  Christened: 27 Apr 1661 Place: Scituate, Plymouth, Ma
  Died: Aft 8 1721 May Place:  

 6. Sex Name 
  FSarah HOLMES (AFN:JC64-H2)
  Born: 1642 Place: Plymouth, Plymouth, Mass.

 7. Sex Name 
  FPatience HOLMES (AFN:BR7Q-36)
  Born: 3 Nov 1690 Place: Plymouth, Plymouth, Ma
  Died: 8 Sep 1755 Place: Middleborough, Plymouth, Ma

Are these lost generations?  Who was born after those listed above?  What did they see and hear?  Were any of them ministers of the good news such as carried forth by the known ancestors of Barbara Holmes


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