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Hi again.  I am sorry I do not know this lady.  I am actually married into the Cassell family.  The line comes from Wythville, but I really have only met the family that lives close. 

I am a Foutz, but am researching the "Nichols" family which is my mothers side.  I believe that their farm was very close to Grandma Kyle (Miss Addie).  I have found her listed above them on a 1900 census, on the page before them on the 1910 census, and 2 pages after them in 1920.  I found an obit on the James A Nichols I am looking (or at least the one I think I am looking for) for that referenced Ash Bottom and that's what got me looking for Ash Bottom.  I can't be sure no one ever mentioned him being a confederate soldier.  My mom's family did not like to talk about the past AT ALL.  Mom said she only ever heard the "good stories".  

My mother was born in 1951 in Salem and lived on Nichols Street, she had never heard of the area referred to as Ash Bottom.  She said that her grandmas house was torn down when the road came through.  It was right next to the golf course.  When I searched Ash Bottom I found your page.  I proceeded to look up Addie's records and found them very close to my families.  I do know I have the correct William Thomas Nichols and James Addison Nichols on the census from sibling names.  My grandmother was Lucille Nichols born 1920.  I also know that they would go play with children from the orphanage.  And that William T worked at the Tannery.   My time is very limited for research in person due to family responsibilities, work and trying to return to school.  I have spent the past few Sundays in Salem and my mother is trying to get some of the older cousins to talk. 

The one who knew the most passed in Jan but would have never talked anyway.  I know that sounds bad but is not meant that way.  My issue is my mother never met either of her grandfathers, we know they were both from very poor families.  I am looking into both sides.  She did know "Big Mama" (Ida Nichols) but was always told a story that I have found was bogus, that she was disowned for having a child at to young of an age.  She was 27 when the child they claim was the issue was born.  So we don't know her maiden name.  We have heard Patterson thrown around but can not find any in the area that match.

Anyway sorry to bore you with my story...my main reason for all this other than I am a very curious person, is that my fathers family is very close with the huge family reunions and all... and I've always just wanted to know more about her side.  I love history and always felt something was missing by not knowing more about them.  I am very sorry I didn't know more on the person you were asking about.

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A quick note to add that I likely would have been born in Ash Bottom, Salem
if my father who was born and built a house there, had not lost his job at
the tannery just prior to the depression that began in 1929. As a child and
adult, I spent many memorable days and weeks with relatives therein.  I
attended Virginia State College with a Perditha Cassell, and wonder if you
perhaps are related or know her?  I understand she married a minister and
still lives in Virginia.

Best Regards


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