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Mary Lee Brady, Ph.D.










Holmes Generations

Hi Bob,

Hope Mary is better and that you are back home. This is what I can tell you of my mother's lineage.

According to the 1880 Census, Charles and Esther Holmes lived in Precinct 14, Leon, Florida. Charles was 40 and Esther was 39 at the time. They had three children: Emily, 13, Caleb 10 and William Patrick Holmes age 8.  Charles was a laborer and Esther was "keeping home".  Emily was away at  school.

William Holmes is my maternal grandfather's father. William Holmes married Rosanna Duncan. Her family came from Chatham County GA, Savannah. She had brothers, one of whom was the last light house keeper in Chatham County. Her family was said to be one-half Seminole Indian. My grandfather said that his uncles were very tall and big as was his mother (according to the picture I remember seeing). Seminoles were said to be very large people some growing to 7 ft.

William and Roseanna had three children: Alice, Cullen and Wendell (?). Cullen was the youngest and was born in Florida on June 12, 1905. His brother was a little older than he and his sister died in infancy. Cullen Holmes was my grandfather and lived to be almost 101. He died in 2006. Cullen Holmes married Elizabeth Alease Funchess from South Carolina.

Both her father, Shadrock Arthur Funchess and William Patrick Holmes were Methodist ministers. S. A. as he was called was married to a white woman named Emma Bennett. They had several children, Elizabeth was born  October  ( 3 or 5) in 1906 in South Carolina. She had one brother, maybe his name was Wendell? He died during the Influenza epidemic. Elizabeth had several sisters: Emma, Ruby, Juanita and Grace.

Elizabeth and Cullen married and had three children, the youngest of whom is my mother. S.A. is said to have Native American ancestry as well but I am not sure.

I'll try doing a little more research and get back to you.



From: "Brady Enterprise Association, Inc." <bradyenterpriseassociationinc@verizon.net>
To: cydneed@yahoo.com
Sent: Sun, September 12, 2010 10:01:51 AM
Subject: Missed you on Sunday

Your cousin Mary is still in the hospital at Jersey Shore University Medical
Center, and I hope they will release her tomorrow.  Our plans are to visit
Cyrene in Montclair and then return to Pittsburgh.

My need to review with you includes your mother's lineage and I am
especially anxious to find her Seminole or possibly Cherokee links.  Give me
a call if you get a chance so we can plan to meet soon.

In any event I will give Cyrene a CD of our main site that you can review
with internet explorer and see what I have missing.  I have added a lot more
info about the Lowry and Martin lines, and still need to get more info about
Sara Robinson's husbands/fathers of her children like your grandfather Lewis

Best regards,
Bob Atkins

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