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Samuel Jones, born 1813

Good day!

My  name is Guinevere Kern.

I am attempting to research the generations preceding the birth of my maternal great grandfather - William McDonald Sanford. He married Martha Pryor Smith, who was the daughter of Dr. Charles Aubrey Smith, and in turn, he was the only son of a man called "Squire Smith" - John Pryor Smith. Right there, my investigation stops . . . I don't know much about John Pryor Smith except he was born in Manchester, VA. (now South Richmond) and owned land on the south banks of the James River and Skipwith Island - he is buried at Skipwith, VA.

The ONLY occasions when I locate his name online, it is in connection with two siblings, Lemuel and Margaret, and they are the children of Charles Smith and Patsy Pryor Smith - the same Patsy Pryor who married Mathews Flournoy after the passing of Charles Smith, her first husband.

However, I do not know for certain that my great great great grandfather John Pryor Smith IS in fact, one of those three children of Charles and Patsy Pryor Smith. Right area near Richmond, right time line - but I simply have no other information. These three children were apparently in an Orphans Home until Patsy Pryor Smith married Mathews Flournoy!

If you have any information which would tie my G-G-G Grandfather John Pryor Smith with the John Pryor Smith born to Charles and Patsy Smith and then apparently raised by Mathews Flournoy and Patsy Pryor Flournoy after their father's death, DO let me know.

Confusing, I know. <g>  John Pryor Smith's son, Dr. Charles Aubrey Smith, ultimately married Carrie (or Caroline) Edith Holoway and they resided in Persons County, North Carolina on the Holloway Plantation. (If my Grandfather's written notes are correct!)

Thank you so much for your kind attention!

Guinevere Kern

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