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Mary Lee Brady, Ph.D.










Betty and Bob 

Thank you so much for all your hard work. This sight is fantastic. Full of so much info. I LOVE IT!!! 

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Please forward to Marvin and Barry for me or send me their new email addresses.  Hope you like the site.  We are still correcting and updating.


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Subject: Website Update

Dear Cousins:   


Website is finally updated with many of the updates I promised many moons ago.  I still have a lot of work to do but hope you will find inclusions helpful.  We set out nearly ten years ago to research and write to defend the honor of Madison Hemings and his mother Sally; but quickly realized that our ancestry includes more than a single source or person.  And, the challenge is not about remembering the dead but that of inspiring current and future generations to pursue goodness by telling them about others who have done so like the Martin offspring. 

Believe it or not, in our hundreds of interviews with scholars, writers and others we learned that most did not know how a family such as the Martins could have come into existence except by luck.  Dan Jordan, the former executive director of the Monticello Foundation challenged us to help document the kinds of information we want visitors to find there.  Harold Martin’s generosity helped us document the burial remains of Lowry ancestors and offspring in Lowry, and the next step is to get the site listed as a historical place. I hope the home-place and its cemetery can be preserved as evidence that we too were born in the pursuit of goodness, … not a generalization by fiction writers or a mere product of modern day affirmative action and civil rights causes.

There is still a lot of work to be done In documenting facts that new generations need to have in knowing and and feeling good about their own lives and those yet to be born.  We still need information on family members and bio data and images to be included for the web.

We struggled to design a research architecture that could accommodate our interests.  We settled on using Family Tree Maker to record information gathered as to who and how we are related going back many generations.  We will gladly share the output pages with family members on request but need more time to correlate the data on Family Tree Maker with the data put on the Website.  And, to put this info on the web, we have used Microsoft Front Page which affords a navigator tool to display it along with our edited inputs and images.  Much of this data was downloaded from other web sources and many of the images obtained from other family members. 

We have spent many thousands of dollars and hours of scholarly energy on this project and reaped the rewards of respect received from afar about value of the site as a source of information about lives many scholars have never known to exist.  Bob and I are not spring chickens but we have been determined to learn how to tell our stories and grown closer in the learning that we too are brothers and sisters in the spirit of goodness.

I find that on any one person such as the Hunters, the research is so interesting that I try to find more.  Bob is still researching the Jacksons his family knew in Salem, Virginia and Uniontown, Pennsylvania to determine if they are related to Jacksons that Thomas evolved from in Maryland.  Our research on the Williams family origins put Bob into a frenzy about the Double V Campaign that sought to generate equal employment opportunities for gifted and talented youth like Marvin Williams. 

Marvin was one of the early beneficiaries of a policy that recognized professionals such as him in the war industries, and from what we learned he apparently worked in building the Battleship New Jersey which was the hi-tech marvel of its day.  But, we want his offspring to know that men like him and his brothers-in-law had to prove they had the right stuff.  But, in order to tell their story, we had to include brothers of others such as Robert L. Vann, owner of the Pittsburgh Courier and even Lewis Martin and Bojangles who had paid a price before them.

My hope is that by flashing some of the offspring on the first page it will help researchers see the links for people like Tara and her cousins go a long ways back into a past that ought not be forgotten in their futures of goodness.  We decided to foster a Mary X Robinson as an ancestor unknown but obviously had to exist for so many Robinsons to have been born. We have faith that all were born, not made.  A picture is worth a thousand words with today’s youth and while we do not expect or seek average web viewers to take time for review, we are satisfied the few who do are the gifted and talented ones we have targeted.

In any event, Merry Christmas to you and two of us who have lived to tell stories for new generations to have and hold dear.



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