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Mary Lee Brady, Ph.D.










Dear Mary Lee,

I was thinking of you the other day, some learnings I had gotten from you.  You might remember me from Healy school (which I note is front and center on your family history website) where you hired me for a summer and that turned into a 2 year job which also allowed me to return to my postponed graduate studies.   I think you clearly were the best supervisor I had of the 3 or 4 in my early years.  Why?  You encouraged me to think outside the box, both clinically and in relation to my career.  Don't recall any bad advice.

So I decided to check the internet and here you are.  Hopefully you are doing ok, still alive I hope.  Interesting, we share a strong interest in family history and I've done much work on my family history and that of my wife, Raye who you may recall as I was married to her while at Healy.  Still married after all these years.  My interest in family history was always there as a small child.  I seemed to remember with some clarity stories I would hear about my mother and father's childhood as children of immigrant parents in the "old neighborhood."  When my son, Joshua, was still in Raye's womb, I had a "calling" to gather family data and photos from relatives to pass the legacy onto our first born.  I'm glad I'm able to connect with you because of this website.

If you want to take a look or read about me, just google my name.  The website has some current photos.  We've all grown older and I'll be 70 this year.  Don't really comprehend it yet. It's many years from the Healy school and we've both moved on. Raye and I have two adult sons who have their own families, one here in Naperville where we live and one in Chicago.  We're even grandparents of Margo, Talia, and Oren. Healy was another era in our  lives, wasn't it, but an important one for me in a youthful transition I was making.

I know you moved on to Jane Adams and I seem to recall we had some contact, not much, but some.  Raye graduated from there in 1974 and we  then developed a practice here in Naperville where we moved and it became very successful for us.  We sold it in 2008 and now I practice about half time, still doing clinical work, especially marital and I still enjoy it , trying to leverage change for people.  Raye has gone back to school and taking some classes in Biblical Hebrew and Biblical history trying to figure out  the possibilities of a Rabbinic course of study.

But I don't want to bore you about me.  Rather I just wanted to check in, say hello, tell you were the right supervisor for a young man just starting to get his direction in a career and in life while our entire world was undergoing a massive shift in culture.  That Raye and I kept our balance, sort of, was a miracle.  But you gave me a solid start and I wanted you to know that after all these years. And if I can be frank here, that you were a Black woman, was important to me in ways I couldn't have known then given my own early years of growing up in a "changing"  Chicago neighborhood.  Actually, when I look back on it, there are three older black women in my background who were anchors for me in my growing years.  You were actually the third one, but each of you were important to me in some special ways and I feel much gratitude to each you.  To you, because  (and you may not recall this) you picked up a cold call from me looking for a job and decided to bring me in for the summer.  The rest I've commented on.

So do take care and I do hope you get this email.  Let me know how you are doing.

Shelly Isenberg

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