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Ref Charles Adkins/Atkins
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Ref Charles Adkins/Atkins

I was researching my Adkins side of the family and came across many newspaper articles but was unsure if the Adkins being mentioned were relatives. I found one that had to do with Morris Adkins that does not appear to fit the Adkins in the 1880 census of West Virginia as all of the Adkins I could find in the census were white. I was trying to discover if the Morris Adkins that lived next to Wesley Adkins in the 1990 census were the white slave owners who set the slaves free when they turned 25. Maybe the freed slaves gave their children names of their former owners.
I am finding Adkins in Nicholas co WV, Clay Co , Wayne Co and Kanawaha, WV. Because there are 4 Morris Adkins, I can't tell which is the one who might be the father of Wesley Adkins. Any tips appreciated.
I did find that Charles Adkins(age 66 in 1860/born 1794) had a 14 yr old slave girl  in 1860 who was born in 1846. I wondered if Charles son married the girl? Were some slaves freed but stayed with their former owners? Finding names like Polley/Palley, Winchester, Spicy, Margaret
Cintha/Cynthia, Sherod W, Mary J, Caroline, Gerrard, Alexander
There was a Charles Adkins who died in 1836 in Charleston,SC. My history is no good. Were we in a war then. I wonder if slaves are mentioned in his probate case. Think it is in wayne county, WV.
Nice work on your detailed website!


Date: 1/5/2010 10:29:59 AM

To: frontoffice@upmypeople.com

Subject: Re: Fw: Family Geneology


Well hello my brother, Brother,


I would love to talk with you, and soon.  Of course, I'm headed to Miami this weekend for the National Founder's Day Program and I'll be in Los Angeles the first of next week, but call me anytime after next Thursday (Thursday week) at 901 679-6711(mobile).  I may not be able to help much because my paternal grandmother, Mary Adkins, was quite quiet about her past and her parentage.  Her people hailed from Greenwood, Mississippi.  I am not aware of any relatives in Virginia, but I've come to find out that it doesn't matter.  There is a strong likelihood that any African American named Adkins or Atkins is probably related.  Let's talk soon.



Bill Adkins


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